Words: Something to Ponder

I absolutely love words. When you think about it words are the most exciting little things imaginable. They come in all sizes but take hardly any space. We have little bitty words like “a” and really big words like “ANTI­DIS­ESTABLISH­MENT­ARIAN­ISMand even longer words that only scientists can pronounce. We have interesting words like “fernweh,” the ache for different places, the craving for travel, and we have annoying words like “duh” or “whatever.” We actually have a word for almost any occasion.

Words can do amazing things! They can make people smile, frown, embrace, hit, scream, faint, dance, run, laugh, cry or scream. Powerful words could even cause people to give up their money or even their life.

I did a little research and found that there are only about 500,000 words in the dictionary. I was surprised; I thought there would have been millions. There may not be many words in the dictionary, but there are a lot of words spoken every day. Think of it with six billion people on the planet, if everyone only spoke one word a day, that would be six billion words. “Facts” are that men speak about 7000 words a day and women 20,000 a day (Brizendine, The Female Brain).  With a ratio of 100 females to 101 males on the planet, the male population speaks a whomping  21 trillion words a day compared to 60 trillion words spoken by females. These are approximate figures of course.Words Cartoon

Just think about it, though, what would the world be like without words? No one says anything all day long. What do you think would happen after a few moments of silence? The pointing and grunting would begin, and before the day was over, we’d have a good start on establishing a language again.

The best news of all is that words are absolutely free. If you want a brand new one, you just go to the dictionary and pick one or use one you hear from someone else. You can use it all day and never pay a penny. You don’t have to go to the library and borrow one and then forget to take it back and end up paying $18.00 in fines, Yes I’ve done it. You don’t have to buy one and make payments with interest like you do a car or a house. It is absolutely free. You can use as many as you want every hour of every day, and best of all there are no taxes to pay on them. Words are free for everybody to use every day as much as they want with no fees, interest or taxes to pay! What a great thing words are!

Words are indeed free, but they can cost you everything. They can cost you a marriage, a friend, a job, your freedom.

Words are free, yet they are priceless. Words like “I love you,” and “I’m sorry,” cannot be bought or sold, but when given away can make you richer than the richest man on earth.

May we all choose our words wisely today!