Get it Behind You

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procrastination3There it is. . .looming in the darkness ahead of you. You can’t see itprocrastination1, but you know it is out there lurking in the shadows. It is nagging at you, calling you. . .louder. . .louder. . .LOUDER. “Quiet!” you say. I will get to it. I will do it later. I will do it tomorrow, probably. I don’t want to do it. I want to do something else, something fun or relaxing. It will still be there when I’m ready to do it. Now it’s LOUDER again. There’s only one way to stop this incessant, annoying, nagging voice. Get it behind you. Do the thing, and then relax and have some fun.

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  1. Hope Tillotson

    Good word, as usual! Love you bunches:-)

  2. Oh sooooo true!

  3. Good stuff!

  4. I agree! Sometimes it’s easier to do something once, than put it off ten times. But we still keep putting it off…

  5. Ouch! This one got me right between the eyes as my old procrastination habits begin to creep up again. I love the way you put this…just get it behind you. Simple, true, and helpful advice. Thank you : )

    • It’s been an area in which I needed help for a long time! Don’t put off blogging. Yours are extremely encouraging!

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