Three Things I’m Grateful For

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happiness4Does being grateful affect our happiness? Can we use gratefulness to dispel darkness, lack of energy, lack of vision, or lack of hope? That is my theory. I’m ready to test it! This project was inspired by a fellow blogger who is afflicted with fibromyalgia. She writes about her pain, struggles and victories, but at the end of each of her writings, she lists “three things she is grateful for.”

Like One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I want to begin to focus every day on those things we so often take for granted. I have not read the book, though a friend said I could have written it. Good, kind, friend knows I love to look for the positive and the good in everything, yet I know I miss so much. We all do. My list has no rules. It will not be prioritized or “spiritualized.” I’m listing blessings as they come to my mind. I will  focus on those throughout the day, letting my mind grasp all of the joy that each one brings for whatever reason it came to mind that day. Each one may have it’s own story that I may or may not expound upon. It’s just me thanking God for his blessings. Come join me. We have an adventure of gratefulness, and all who join are sure to end up having a happier day.

May 24, 2013 Today I am grateful for. . .

cowboys1. Larry and I raised 3 cowboys. Rocky, Nick, and Jay all three had hats, vests, boots, holsters, and cap guns. Cutest boys you ever saw! They had so much fun and brought great joy to our lives through their play Just thinking about those cowboys reminds me of the joy of their childhood.

2. Books that I can read and hold in my hand. I have often been known to highlight with crayons.

3. Food, especially apples.

May 25, 2013 Today I am grateful for. . .

roses4. Fresh strawberries

5. Roses

6. the joy of blogging.

May 26, 2013
7. Giraffes

8. Blue
9. Laughter

May 27, 2013

Today I am grateful for
10. Sunshine
11. Sunsets
12. Bears (live bears)

May 28, 2013

13. Heroes who gave their lives for our freedom

14. Flags that remind us of our freedom

15. Veterans and those in armed forces who preserve our freedom

May 29, 2013

16. Celery

17. Carrots

18. Rabbits (especially very soft, furry bunnies, but also the wild, eat grass from your yard and hop away when you hear a noise, bunnies.)

May 30, 2013

flowering plantToday I am grateful for

19. Legos-Oh the towers we built!
20. Games-I do not have to win EVERY time!
21. Flowering plants-I was given a beautiful flowering plant on Mother’s Day this year, and she is surprisingly flourishing under my care. (Her name is Flora.)

May 31, 2013

Today I am grateful for
22. Mountains
23. Oceans
24. Grass
Imagine the earth without any one of these or with none if these!

June 1 and 2, 2013

Today I chose 7 of my most important blessings to be grateful for:
25. My relationship to God
26. Larry
27. Rocky
28. Nick
29. Jay
30. Taylor
31. Emmerson

Emmerson’s dedication was June 2 and we had a wonderful time with family and friends in Winston-Salem and at Agape Faith Church!

June 3, 2013

Today I am grateful for:

32. Waterfallswaterfall

33. Mountain streams

34. Rainfall

June 4, 2013

Today I am grateful for:
35. Dogs, especially Ranger. There is no dog like Ranger, beautiful, smart, and well, he is family. My childhood dogs that I fondly remember were “Sarge” and “Queenie.” Good beagles who gave us darling little puppies to play with.
36. Cats, especially kittens because I am reminded of Pincushion, my grandmother’s cat who gave us Blackie who gave us Tish and other kittens when we lived in Falmouth, Kentucky. I was 6 to 8 years old at the time. Also in loving memory of Rocky’s first and only kitten. They are  just so cute!
37. Macaroni and cheese because it is comfort food.

June 5, 2013

Remember when being grateful, there are no rules. I’m not prioritizing or spiritualizing. I am simply thinking about how amazing God is for creating everything from a gorilla to insects and also for intangibles like love and forgiveness! I’m very grateful today for:
38. Gorillas- can be 600 lbs
39. Insects-over a million different kinds
40. Forgiveness-unlimited

June 6, 2013

Today I am grateful for:
41. Long time dear friends Jerry and Pam Watts who celebrated their 37th anniversary yesterday. They are beautiful examples of 2 intangibles that I am grateful for.
42. Kindness
43. Thoughtfulness

June 7, 2013Today I am grateful for:
44. Unsweetened tea with lemon!
45. Hugs-Can’t live without them! Can’t get or give too many!
46. Ice-Who wants a drink without ice?

June 8, 2013

Today I was on the beach with a wonderful breeze and brilliant sunshine when I decided I would be grateful for:
47. Peacocks
48. Ostriches
49. Flamingos
Makes perfect sense!

June 9, 2013

I am grateful for:


51. Cars

52. Airplanes

June 10, 2013

Today I am grateful for

53. The Bible, the whole thing
54. Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because He trusteth in thee.
55. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

June 11, 2013

Keep in mind that these are in no way prioritized. I am grateful for:
56.Teddy Bears
57. Jelly beans
and. . .
58. Angels

June 12, 2013

Today I am grateful for:
59 My dad, Edward Lee Rouse. Happy Father’s Day!
60. Pizza
61. Peace

June 15, 2013

Today I am grateful for:
62. Pillows
63. Clouds
64. Marshmallows-if eating them, this should be done in sweet potato casserole or rice krispy treats or roasted over the open fire. In the square squishy form, it is best to use them to have a marshmallow fight, as my opinion is they are disgusting to eat in that form. Also it is a good week to buy a new pillow and analyze cloud formations.


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  1. I’m grateful to have a mom that rights great blogs!

  2. We seem to share many things. I too am grateful for many things in life. We also use the same blog theme. And I read Voscamp’s book and also wrote about gratitude. Thanks for the reminder to not let day to day marvels and miracles go unnoticed. Here’s a link to my blog about all this:

    • Patti, I enjoyed reading your grateful blog as well and will be checking in on you! I’m glad you found me! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Today, I am grateful for nature, hard work and rest. 🙂

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