Lower the Temperature, Keep It Cool

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??????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you feel the pressure rising on the inside of you. Your thoughts heating up? Steam building like a pressure cooker? Thoughts rolling around causing you to spiral almost out of control of your imagination? Someone was unfair to you. Someone doesn’t like you. Someone didn’t treat you right. You’re worried about something. Anger, fear, frustration, confusion, depression oppression?  Oh no! Stop before it gets worse. But how can you?

temperature1Take a deep breath and turn down the temperature. That is the way we would deal with a boiling pot before it overflows onto the stove, making a huge mess. Deep breath, new thoughts. Look at it from another angle. Completely change your focus. Think of things you’re grateful for. Think of how it might look to the other party. Put the best connotation on it. Things are often not the way they seem. Ask God a question about this. That’s right, bring the temperature down. Is there anything you can do to change the situation? Is there something you could do to make it right? Is there a way that you could help someone else through this? Do it. Think of the positive outcome. Now isn’t that much better?temperature4 temperature5

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  1. Maryjane Mote

    This is sooo true! Great teaching! I look so forward to reading your words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing! Love and miss you my friend…

    • Many of the things I write are inspired by you, my friend! You have enriched my life more than you know!

  2. We often speak before we have a chance to cool down. This is the worse mistake we can make. Often, we make matters worse and wish we had said nothing. Great article.

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