It’s a Small World After All

Ready, Get Set, Go!  It’s Friday, and I’m always excited to join Lisa-Jo  Baker for Five Minute Friday.

It’s the little things that make a difference.

It’s three words, “I love you.”

It’s two words,”I’m sorry!”

It’s five loaves and two fishes that fed five thousand.

It’s saying, “Good morning, Elizabeth,” at Chick-fil-a to acknowledge that she’s a real person, not an invisible one.

It’s giving a smile and a kind word.

It’s a phone call or a comment on a blog or facebook.

It’s doing little favors here and there and random acts of kindness.

It’s speaking the truth when it would be easier to stretch the truth.

It’s taking care of those in your family,doing what you can to make their life more comfortable and fun.

It’s being there to talk or pray when they need you.

It’s recognizing that I may be only one person of seven billion people on the planet, but I am one and in my little world, I can make a positive difference every day, and so can you.


The Man Who Couldn’t Write, Part 2: Diagnosis and Prescription


The original article has been broken up into two parts now for your reading pleasure. If you’ve  read this, then you already know the diagnosis and prescription, please leave a comment. Knowing what you think, helps me be a better writer, and Lord knows we need all the help we can get. Now for Part 2 of “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription.” Thanks for reading.

Bill visited Dr. Sharon’s office for his yearly check-up, but expressed his concern that he had some “secret disease” that was keeping him from fulfilling his dream of writing. She begins a thorough exam and then gives Bill the prognosis.

She leans in and checks Bill’s ears, then his pupils, nostrils, throat. “Bill, I see it now. You’ve been trying too hard. You somehow have come to believe that you aren’t as good as others you’ve read. You question whether you have anything of value to say. You’re focusing on yourself and what others will think of you instead of just being yourself.”

“Wow, Doc, you learned all of that from just checking my eyes, ears, nose, and throat? That’s amazing. What else did you see in there?”

“Bill, I can see that the very root of it is a fear of failure. We’ve talked about this before. It’s listening to the wrong voice, it’s a voice of discouragement. I’m going to give you a prescription, and I want you to continue to take this for the rest of your life. Don’t let more than one day go by that you don’t take it. Can you do that?”

“Well, that sounds like a tall order, but if it means I can keep writing, I’ll do it.”

“Bill, you’ve just given yourself the prescription I speak of. Keep writing.”

“But, but, but Doctor Sharon. . .”

“I know, Bill. You think that your problem is you can’t write, but it is actually your solution. That is often the case. The solution is found in the problem. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it this way, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” If you can’t talk, talk. If you can’t pray, pray. If you think you can’t do something, do it anyway. You will be amazed at what happens. Keep in mind what my friend, Joyce Meyers said, “No matter how difficult it would be to do the thing we are afraid of, it would not be as difficult as being afraid of it all of our lives.”

“Let me get this straight, you want me to keep writing? Almost every day? No matter what? And that is going to cure me? Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, absolutely! Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain! And tell yourself you can do it. It’s going to be important to stop listening to the voice that says you can’t, then go ahead and do it. This applies to anything in life, Bill. You can share this with your readers if you like. Everyone has fears, Bill. They need to hear what you have to say.

What is the worst that could happen? They might tell someone that they have just read the worst thing they’ve ever read, and people will come right over and read it to see what could be so bad. Or as you have already learned turn your fear inside out. The best thing that could happen would be thousands of people read it, and are encouraged by it, but what if just one person is encouraged, wouldn’t it be worth it for that?

And, Bill, by the way, don’t try to do this by yourself. Ask God for His help, His wisdom, His strength, His inspiration. With that you cannot fail! How do you think I got to be such a great doctor?”

“I’ve often wondered that myself, Dr. Sharon. I will do exactly what you said. After all what is the worst that could happen? See you next year, Doc and thanks!”

Today’s Verse:  Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10
What is it that you fear, and do you agree that doing it anyway with God’s help would cure you? Please join the discussion by clicking the comment icon by the title, and let us know your thoughts.

The Man Who Couldn’t Write: The Examination

Dr Sharon3“Bill, come in, come in. I see it’s time for your yearly check-up. I know you went through a lot last year. How are you feeling?”

“Dr. Sharon, It is good to see you. You are right last year was rough at times. I faced hopelessness and fear, and then remember the time I came to you because I was feeling too good and people were looking at me strangely? You gave me great advice and I recovered rather quickly each time. I suppose you know I have since started my own blog where I share some of the ideas you taught me. It has been fairly well received, Doc, but sometimes I wonder if there isn’t still some secret disease that you haven’t cured me of yet. Do you think that’s possible?”

“Well, Bill, I am surprised to hear you say that. I had the impression everything was going well, and you were just here to help keep your insurance premiums down by getting the routine check-up. What are your symptoms?”

writing2“I’m embarrassed to tell you this, Doc, but, well, uh, I can’t uh, write.”

“What?” she exclaimed as she dropped the stethoscope. “Bill, I saw you writing when you checked in and filled out the forms, the nurse asked you to fill out. Are your hands shaking, do you think you have arthritis, pain in your joints?”

“No, ma’am, but sure enough, I might have authorwriteus! I can’t write! Every night I sit down to write 500 words. . .You see, I’ve taken on the 500 Word Challenge with a great bunch of people called Tribe Writers in which we all  try to write 500 words every night. But what happens to me is I start typing, then stop, then think, type, erase, type, think, type, erase. It’s just no good anymore! I can’t write! I’m helpless, hopeless, and going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. Is there anything you can do? I used to have so much fun writing, and I have the feeling I could really say something that might help someone, if I could just think of something that would be worth reading. I want it to be short, and funny, powerful, and life-changing.”


“Hmmmmmm, let me take a closer look.” Dr. Sharon leans in with her otoscope and peers into Bill’s ear, muttering her customary, “Mmmmmhuh,” leaving Bill wondering what in the world, she is seeing in there.

Read “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription” to find out what Dr. Sharon saw and what diagnosis and prescription she offers for Bill’s disease.

What would be your best guess at what his problem is? Have you ever had a problem doing something you wanted to do as if there’s an invisible grip on you that prevents you from doing what you want to do? Join the discussion by clicking the comment icon to the right of the title and tell us what you have faced. Maybe, just maybe, Dr. Sharon can help, as she helps Bill in “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription.”


“Her Word For the Year” by the Ranger Dog

Sharon Destin Beach

So I asked GrandMom, what her word for the year was, and she looked at me kind of cockeyed like she does, and said, “One word for the year? You’ve got to be kidding!”

I looked at her intelligently, and calmly, like I do, and said, “No ma’am, I’m not kidding at all. What is your word for the year?  Mine is ‘energy.’ What is yours?”

“My word for the year?” She looked at me accusingly, like she does, and says, “You obviously haven’t read my blog, ‘A to Z New Year’s Goals.’ If you had you would know my words for the year. They are:  Ask, believe, create, delight, exercise, finish, go, Hawaii, inspire, Jesus, keep, laughter, meet, name, organize, prosper, question, relax, send, trust, understand, visit, win, examine, yield, and zip it! She ended her list by waving both arms in a flourish while grinning victoriously.

I tilted my head and calmly, yet firmly pointed out that she had named 26 words (“zip it” is actually a phrase of two words). This list was clearly not a “word for the year” and I suggested she pick one. She walked away.

Ranger1An hour later she came back and said to me, “I can’t do it! I love all of these words, and I want them all. You’ll have to pick one for me, and it has to be something that will be a big umbrella word for all of these words so that while I’m thinking about my one word, all of these words will also become a part of my life this year. I will absolutely be transformed into an asking, believing, creative, delighting, exercising, finishing, going, Hawaii, inspired, Jesus, keeping, laughing, meeting,naming organizing, prospering, questioning, relaxing, sending, trusting, understanding, visiting winning, examining yielding kind of person who knows how to zip it when she should!” She took a deep breath and sat down with her chin resting on her hands looking into my big brown eyes while I thought about what she was asking.

I paced around the room for awhile, suddenly stopped in my tracks and barked emphatically, “Transformation!” I exclaimed. “That is your word for the year and here is a verse about that, ‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.’ When you think about all of these words and let the Lord show you how to make them a part of your life every day, you will be transformed. Your mind will be renewed. You will prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of the Lord. This is you. You can do it!”

She smiled down at me, petted me on the head, scratched me behind the ears, (I love that!) and said, “I believe you have something there, Ranger. Good dog!”

She’s always so encouraging like that. I smiled, though she could hardly tell it, and went to find a bone or a ball. It’s good to have a word for the year. I’ve got one, GrandMom’s got one, so what about you. Put your “word for the year” in the comment section. It’s pretty cool to find out that humans and animals think alike sometimes, after all.

Here’s help for you:  My One Wordone word for the year

Write it!

I want to write something awesome. Something that you will click into and read very quickly, because it is short and your mouth will drop open, and you will say, “Wow! That helped me. That is the truth I have been praying for. That is the word of encouragement that I needed to get my thinking straight.”You matter2

I want to tell you that you matter! Your words matter, what you have to say matters to me, and to others. Your life matters. You have a message to write and a song to sing, please sing it, write it, tell it. We need to hear from you! Keep writing.SharySignatureThis article has been inspired by Five Minute Fridays, and the topic this week was, “Write.” Please come and join us. Here are the rules.
1. Write for five minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
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17 Ways to Love Your Husband

Love2While we celebrate the month of love, ponder this list of ways to love your husband.

1. Be kind.

2. Be funny, lighthearted.

3. Be easy to get along with.

4. Remind him of his great qualities.

5. Use your eyelids. There are somethings you don’t need to focus on.

6. Be prompt.

7. Pray for him.

8. Support his dreams.

love19. Listen to him.

10. Ask questions about him.

11. Make sure you have date night regularly.

12. Talk calmly about things that bother you.

13. Come along side him and understand his frustrations.

14. Sometimes cook for him.

15. Kiss and hug often.

16. Talk to others about how wonderful he is.

17. Put the best connotation on everything he does. Give him a break.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments and Happy Valentine’s Month.


He’s My Hero

Larry hero

So I’ve been asked to write about a hero. There’s only one name that came to mind when I thought about it: My husband, Larry Jordan. I used to hear the song “Hero” by Mariah Carey and declare I wanted to sing it to him in public one day. (I can’t sing.) So perhaps the next best thing would be to write this article about him. Here’s a list of a few reasons he is my hero:

He rescued me from the mundane. I don’t think I would have reached very high or stretched very far without Larry’s vision and dreams and desire for more.

He stretched himself so I could stay home wtih the boys and even home school them.

He led us in countless hours of worship and prayer walking back and forth in the house with little boys trailing behind, jumping over stools to make it fun.

Most nights he stayed up till midnight praying on his own.

He cheered me on as I went back to work to be a teacher and principal at our church school.

He prayed that God would show me the same direction, he had been shown when he knew we were to move to Myrtle Beach. The biggest laugh of our life was when I told him that same day, “Don’t laugh, but we need to move to Myrtle Beach. All we need is a house and two jobs.” So we did.

He waged war against the enemy and protected us from struggles and stress, carrying it himself so I wouldn’t worry. Boy, was I mad when I found out.

He has always been a man of integrity, a man of his word, honest as the day is long. Dependable.

Thoughtful, considerate to an extraordinary degree.

Perfect? No. Amazing? Yes!

Rock solid, unwavering, sold out to God. “No matter who falls away, we stand strong.”

He took us on adventures to the mountains and the beach.

He played endless hours of ball in the backyard.

He took the boys exploring and made discoveries like “the mud hole” and “prayer mountain.”

Is it really any wonder that our boys all love and serve God, and I am one happy, loved, and cared-for woman.

Larry Jordan is my hero.

Perhaps you might look at your husband and see only a mild-mannered reporter. Look a little closer, for without those glasses, he could very well be your super-hero, and when needed most, he will come and save the day! Feel free to tell us about him in the comments.


This article has been inspired by Five Minute Fridays. Please come and join us. Here are the rules.
1. Write for five minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
2. Link back to Lisa Jo Baker’s blog with the rest of the Five Minute Friday-ers.
3. Comment on the person who linked up before you. (Very important, must do!) Please join us!