The Man Who Couldn’t Write: The Examination

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Dr Sharon3“Bill, come in, come in. I see it’s time for your yearly check-up. I know you went through a lot last year. How are you feeling?”

“Dr. Sharon, It is good to see you. You are right last year was rough at times. I faced hopelessness and fear, and then remember the time I came to you because I was feeling too good and people were looking at me strangely? You gave me great advice and I recovered rather quickly each time. I suppose you know I have since started my own blog where I share some of the ideas you taught me. It has been fairly well received, Doc, but sometimes I wonder if there isn’t still some secret disease that you haven’t cured me of yet. Do you think that’s possible?”

“Well, Bill, I am surprised to hear you say that. I had the impression everything was going well, and you were just here to help keep your insurance premiums down by getting the routine check-up. What are your symptoms?”

writing2“I’m embarrassed to tell you this, Doc, but, well, uh, I can’t uh, write.”

“What?” she exclaimed as she dropped the stethoscope. “Bill, I saw you writing when you checked in and filled out the forms, the nurse asked you to fill out. Are your hands shaking, do you think you have arthritis, pain in your joints?”

“No, ma’am, but sure enough, I might have authorwriteus! I can’t write! Every night I sit down to write 500 words. . .You see, I’ve taken on the 500 Word Challenge with a great bunch of people called Tribe Writers in which we all  try to write 500 words every night. But what happens to me is I start typing, then stop, then think, type, erase, type, think, type, erase. It’s just no good anymore! I can’t write! I’m helpless, hopeless, and going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. Is there anything you can do? I used to have so much fun writing, and I have the feeling I could really say something that might help someone, if I could just think of something that would be worth reading. I want it to be short, and funny, powerful, and life-changing.”


“Hmmmmmm, let me take a closer look.” Dr. Sharon leans in with her otoscope and peers into Bill’s ear, muttering her customary, “Mmmmmhuh,” leaving Bill wondering what in the world, she is seeing in there.

Read “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription” to find out what Dr. Sharon saw and what diagnosis and prescription she offers for Bill’s disease.

What would be your best guess at what his problem is? Have you ever had a problem doing something you wanted to do as if there’s an invisible grip on you that prevents you from doing what you want to do? Join the discussion by clicking the comment icon to the right of the title and tell us what you have faced. Maybe, just maybe, Dr. Sharon can help, as she helps Bill in “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription.”


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  1. Hey Dr Sharon, I enjoyed your insights on writing. It certainly served to reinforce my daily writing habit and membership of the ‘My 500 Word’ tribe. Thanks again

  2. I’m so glad Bill is cured!!

  3. […] The original article has been broken up into two parts now for your reading pleasure. If you’ve  read this, then you already know the diagnosis and prescription, please leave a comment. Knowing what you think, helps me be a better writer, and Lord knows we need all the help we can get. Now for Part 2 of “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription.” Thanks for reading. […]

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