You Don’t Have to Be Beaten by the Devil Ever Again!

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I discovered gold nuggets in Psalm 91. The first one was “You Don’t Have to Be Sick,” and the second one was “You Don’t Have to Fall.” I am more excited than ever to have discovered the third nugget, “You Don’t Have to Be Beaten by the Devil Ever Again!” because I don’t like to be beaten by anyone! Just look in this verse and see if you find the nugget that I found.

Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder; the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Psalm 91:13

According to this verse, God’s plan is for us to be treading and trampling. It is not His plan for us to be trampled and tread upon. How much treading and trampling have we been doing? Do we just take negative thoughts and let them have their way? Do we accept negative dished out by other people and agree with it, allowing it to work its dangerous web into our belief system? Do we listen to lies from the enemy and feed them by focusing on them. We have the authority to tread upon the lion and adder. This means saying an emphatic, “NO!” to what the enemy is trying to put in our pathway.

Satan and all of his cohorts are the lion and adder. We are told to tread upon them and trample the young lion and the dragon. God tells us to do it, so we should do it! We don’t have to accept anything negative that is offered to us or be affected by it in any way. In fact we should affect “it”. We should change the atmosphere, not allow it to change us. We trample the young lion and the dragon under our feet. We walk in victory. It is God’s plan. We are not  alone in this. Angels are assigned to us all throughout our day, backing up what we declare! We have the authority to stomp on anything we don’t want in our lives and, we have a mighty army on our side. We cannot fail, and we do not have to be beaten by the devil ever again.

angels1These Nuggets Belong To Us:

1. Because you have made the Lord, your habitation, you qualify for a life of no evil and no plague.

2. Angels are continually working to protect you from evil, plagues, and stumbling.

3. You have authority to put all negative under your feet by choosing to tread and trample on the enemy.

You are going to live a life of safety, health and victory because you have made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most high, thy habitation. Start right now by believing that God’s plan for you is no evil, and no plague.

Great Blessings Belong to Those Who Trust in God!


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  1. Good word, keep up the dare!

    • Yes ma’am, Katherine! Love you! You are such an inspiration. You carry His love and anointing!

  2. Sharon, thank you for your elucidation on these powerful words!
    Stopping by via the A-Z challenge.
    Garden of Eden Blog

    • Susan, so glad you came by. I will certainly be over to read your words. Happy writing and reading!

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