30 Days to Happiness: Creativity

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When I think of the word, “creativity,” I automatically think of this verse, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 This is a prayer we can pray every day. It can help us quickly get back on track when we’ve gone a stray into sin, or negativity of any degree. Without doing this, any amount of creativity we develop in our lives will be tainted. It is clear to me that nothing can block creativity better than guilt and shame that comes from knowing we have done wrong or displeased the Lord. It is a simple matter, according to Scripture, to get the heart right. God does this so readily and so completely for us so He can restore fellowship with us. Only then can His creative Spirit  flow through us. By having a clean heart, we open ourselves up to the happiness that comes with creativity.

Being creative will enhance our ability to hear from God. That alone is motivation for taking steps to develop creativity. This is going to be fun!  He is going to flow through the creative side of us because He is the Creator. He wants to teach us how to create. We use our imaginations to create. We can go anywhere, do anything, be anything in our imagination. His ideas can flow to us through our imagination. Here’s a list of random thoughts about creativity, with the hope that by trying some of these, we can be open channels for God’s ideas to flow to us:

Mind mapTry Mind Mapping

Tapping into the Creator

Hearing His voice

Letting ideas flow from Him

Trying new things

A new food each week

A day of the week to do something I’ve never done before


Vivid Colors

Buy markers and/ or crayons tomorrow, maybe a coloring book

Become like a child

How would a child solve this problem

Try “tangling”

Put together that colorful puzzle you’ve been wanting to do



Listen to classical music or other relaxing music


Exercise to stimulate the brain and raise self-image

Unique uses for common items



Think vibrant

Unique ways to present ideas

Take a break from reasoning

Let creativity flow.

Please share something creative in the comments. It could be your favorite game, something unique you do as a family or something you have imagined that was ridiculous. Share your fun with us. So glad you stopped by!


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  1. I liked reading all those ideas for creativity. I think mine would be thinking of blog posts and writing them, like putting together the theme and pictures for A/Z took a bit of creativity and a stretch of the imagination on some days’ letters. I too do want daily a clean heart in the eyes of the Lord.


  2. Sharon, I’m resonating with your daring to be happy! And I appreciate your A to Z theme immensely.

    • So glad you came by. I will try to find you. I don’t believe I’ve been to your site yet. I love the A to Z theme and I am enjoying discovering my 30 days to happiness. Come back again.

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