30 Days to Happiness: G is for the “Go Principle”

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G The “Go Principle” is the reason I have just returned from a trip to Hilton Head Island for the past three days. The invitation came, but we almost said “no.” Why? Because we are creatures of routine. We didn’t want to miss out on work, even though it was a reward from work. We weren’t particularly looking forward to going into an unknown environment,  but when I remembered my “G” goal, “Go!” we had to make the trip. It was great to have three days off and see things we hadn’t seen before. I could describe our adventurous trip, but I leave you with the link we followed, “36 Hours in Hilton Head, SC”.  We actually did most of the things on this list, including eating Play-doh ice-cream at the Frozen Moo. I’m so glad we decided to “go.”

go 2 The “Go Principle” should be used when an opportunity arises that will provide you with a new experience, a chance to serve, an opportunity for growth, or a potential adventure. By remaining warm and cozy in our comfortable daily lives, we often fall short of the happiness and fullness of life that God has planned for us.

go 1I first defined this principle when Jay was applying for his first job. He was recommended by a friend and got the job rather easily. After one day of training, he was given the briefest of explanations that management had changed, and the position he had been hired to fill had been discontinued. He was told that the new management would contact him to interview for another position. Jay didn’t hear anything for two weeks, and when he finally got an email inviting him to interview, he simply said, “I’ve moved on.” He had no intention of following through with the interview. He was “over it.” My advice to him was to “go,” follow it through to the end and then make his decision. He followed my advice, went on the interview, got the job and prospered in it for the next three years gaining invaluable experience. He could have stopped and missed out, but he chose to “go.”

go 5“Go” is, of course, the opposite of “stop.” When we choose not to pursue an opportunity, it puts an immediate end to it. Isn’t it much better to continue  on until we see what will come of it?  How many times have we been looking for something, even praying for something, but changed course or stopped before being rewarded with what we were after?  We will never know what we have missed, yet if we pursue every occasion to go forward  out of our routine, we will inevitably discover new insights, growth, adventure, valuable experience, and even new relationships.

When an opportunity arises, break out of your comfort zone,  and “go” until you see where the road leads.

Is anyone wondering where I am getting my A to Z words for this challenge? Then read these two posts: A-Z New Years Goals  and “My Word for the Year” Can you see why I am so excited to be a part of this challenge? Now tell us, do you ever have difficulty breaking out of your routine? Is there somewhere you need to “go?”

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  1. I’ve bookmarked your site. What a lovely blog post, nice to follow and connect through a to z http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk

    • So glad you came by. I have just perused your site. You have wonderful tips for writers! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Sharon, what a refreshing post. The A to Z Challenge was a “go” moment for me—why did I think I had time to participate? And yet as I’ve had to dig deep for material to blog about, I’ve been pushed and pulled outside of “cruise-easy.” I’ve grown. And I’ve discovered some great blogs. Thanks for yours.

    For the Love of Storytelling

    • I never thought of it, but you’re right. The A to Z Challenge was a “go” moment. I have gotten stuck on “H.” So you encouraged me to keep “going.” Thanks for coming by. I’ll be stopping by your way, I’m sure!

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