30 Days to Happiness: J is for Jesus

J A great deal of happiness comes from simply bringing Jesus into my daily life by focusing on Him throughout the day. Using my imagination, seeing Him and talking to Him, is changing my life as much as anything I have done since I met Jesus as my Savior at the age of five in my grandfather’s church. In the article, 10 Things You Can Do With Jesus, you will find some creative ideas for spending time with Him. The first one suggests that you “tell Him who you believe He is.” Here are my words to Him as I meditated on this:

“Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me. I know you walked the earth 2000 years ago healing the sick and setting the captives free. You preached in the synagogue and on the hillside. You turned water into wine, and you fed 5000 people with loaves and fishes. You raised the dead, healed the sick, and cast out demons. You are patient, loving, kind, and wise,  You are gentle and forgiving,  You love to make us think by giving us parables and asking questions. You’ve shown us how to live. You are all-powerful, all-knowing, and you are always with us even to the end of the earth. I can trust you and when I think of you my heart is full of peace.”

Those of us who are seeking happiness in life need to look no further than Jesus, Himself. He has the answers to every problem and every question. He has creative ideas for adventures we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Finding ways to spend time with Him will lead to happiness more quickly than anything we can do.

Maybe you would like to try one of the “things to do with Jesus” from the article and tell us your impressions, or whether you know Him personally or not, tell us who He is to you. This is a “no judgement zone,” so no one is going to argue with you or judge your for your opinion. We’d just love to hear your thoughts. It’s very healthy to see and understand others’ points of view. So let’s hear it. . .

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Daniel Gollimer Keeps A Record

Enjoy the continuing saga of Kingdom Animal Adventures. If you missed the first installment, you can read it here. K is for keeping a record. Let’s see what the animals have to say about this!

BEAVER3 public domainBelinda leaned back on her 15″ tail and flashed her beautiful front tooth as Johnny leaned down closer so his tiny ears could hear Belinda’s answer. “Johnny, it’s very important to declare the things of God in your life every day, you know that, quiet or loud, you must do it!”

Belinda and Johnny walked toward the rest of the forest animals as they could see everyone was beginning to sit down for the morning round-up.

King Louie had just called the meeting to order, and asked if there were any challenges that needed to be dealt with. Belinda and Johnny joined the giraffes  Jeremy, Johnson, and Judy and squatted down so they could see. The other beavers were seated near a tasty tree in case they needed a snack if the meeting went longer than it should. As the first animal was recognized to speak, all of the giraffes became restless, rollling their eyes, muttering, “Not him again.” “Oh, no, It’s D.G.!” “Mr. Doom and Gloom himself.” “Here we go again.” Other animals expressed unease as well.

Sure enough Daniel Gollimer, a gopher, of course, waddled up to the front of the group and stood trembling before them. “As you know friends, I keep a record of all the things that might go wrong and I wwwwant to ggggogo over them with you. I have  been hearing rrrrumbbblings. They are getting cccccloser. Some herd of something is coming. The ground vvvvibrates every day stronger and sssstronger.I can’t tell how far away or how close they are yet, but I can tell you something bbbbaddd is about to happen. It doesn’t rrrrreaally matter,” he stuttered as he shook, “because our food ssssupply is going to run out before they get here. Lightning and heavy rains are going to destroy our forest and our food supply. We have no way to escape. I’m going bbbback underground. It’s all I’ve got to say. Good-bye everybbbbody.”

Naturally, there was a stirring among the animals. They had heard this before, but yet every time it gave them pause. What if there was some truth to it? Gonzalez rose to quiet the crowd. “Now friends, remember you have nothing to fear, but fear itself, let us list again all of the successes we have had here in the forest. Who will be first, Willie, what do you walruses have to say to kick this thing off?

“Well,” Willie mustered his courage, and addressed the group, “Number 1: There were rumblings before, and it was only the grasshoppers swarming in for their food fest.”

“And number 2,” the elephant, Ellie piped up swinging her trunk high in the air, “Another time rumblings turned out to be that herd of elephants, pretty nice bunch. They went on their way after checking out our waterholes for a couple of days.

3. The beavers built 12 dams just last week, so our food stock is good for a very long time. We can take care of the ducks, frogs, and fish in our waters.

4. “The streams are still running clear, plenty of fresh water,” one of the dogs remarked with a gesture toward the stream.

5. Plenty of leaves on the trees to eat. No shortage there,”Jeremy, a giraffe commented.

6. “Worms are plenteous,” shouted the hogs.

The list went on for several more minutes, and you could feel the tension easing among the animals. Gonzalez made a final remark, “It’s important to keep a record of our successes, of all we’ve got in our favor, and of the blessings we have every day of our lives. We are not in this alone. We’re God’s creatures, and He will provide everything we need. Now who’s going in after D.G. We gotta get that boy turned around in more ways than one.”

Will the animals be able to get D.G. turned around, and what is that rumbling they hear in the distance?SharySignature