30 Days to Happiness: I is for Inspiration

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InspsirationInspiration is a spark, just a little something to get things started.

Inspiration is a spark of desire to do more.

It is a stirring that makes you want to do more.

It’s a better idea.

Fanny Crosby who is well known for writing over 8000 hymns began her writing each day with the prayer to God to be her inspiration.

Inspiration is that which motivates you from a higher perspective to do something good.

Relax, breathe deeply. Let it come.

Ask for it, God will provide it.

Seek it by reading, listening, asking questions of others.

Quiet your mind.

Open up your spirit to God.

Inspiration is a close relative of creativity.

God is the source of inspiration. Don’t forget that, Sharon. He is your inspiration, whether He uses people, nature, His word, a book or a blog. He will inspire you with truth and creative ideas. He can inspire you to love and care for others and care for yourself. He can inspire you to reach deeply within and be more than you are. He can give you dreams and visions that will expand your faith and your expectations. You can stretch and grow and do more than you dreamed possible. God’s words will flow through you as you yield to Him, and you will find yourself encouraging others and having great ideas to work with. Ask for inspiration and let it come.

Is God inspiring you to do something? Would you share it in the comments and let us encourage you? As you can see, I’m learning what inspiration is, so if you’d like please share what inspiration means to you.






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  1. I heard once that inspiration comes from the meaning “the spirit within.” God’s spirit in us is what moved us and give us new ideas. I like that. 🙂

    • Mare, I love that definition of inspiration. The more we depend on that Spirit, the more we will be inspired!

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