T Is For Trust: Please Don’t Let Me Fall

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Please Don’t Let Me Fall!

Choose someone in the world that you “trust.” Ask them to catch you as you totally fall back into their arms. This is a team-building exercise often used in group encounters to encourage trusting others. Don’t you just want to say to the person who is supposedly behind you, “Please, don’t let me fall.”

Since they are human, there is ever the possibility that they could be distracted by trust1something and step away at just the moment you are “trusting them” as you fall back. It is also remotely possible that they could, heaven forbid, decide to see what actually happens if they step back and watch you fall. Your life and health are in their hands. So you say, “Please, don’t let me fall.”

I daily have the opportunity to fall back, trusting  God to catch me, but sometimes something holds me back from fully trusting Him. I deal with worry and trying to figure out solutions to my own problems. This can cause me to be frustrated or even frightened when things don’t go my way.

trust1_2I found a quote online that answered the question, “What is trust?” Here is the answer: “Trust is believing that the person you are in a relationship with means good for you.” That statement bolted through my consciousness. I realized that at the heart of my “trust issue” was the fact that I was not sure that God meant good for me. I was afraid He would let me fall.

This led me to the next question. Does God ever cause destruction, pain and failure? No, He does not.  At the first sign of trouble, He sweeps in to bring every ounce of good and benefit and blessing out of anything that comes our way. It doesn’t matter if it comes to us through our own mistakes, consequences of our actions, life, or the enemy of our soul. He is there. He will not let us fall.  A loving  parent can’t, and really shouldn’t, stop every unpleasant thing from happening to their child, yet they are always available and rush in to help, love, advise, comfort, and restore. They can be trusted. Just like this, God is always there to rush in to help, love, advise, comfort, restore, strengthen, and guide, through it all. By doing this He brings forth treasures we could never have had otherwise. Yes, He can be trusted.

trust2Taking it a step higher, by staying close, close, close to Him, we will avoid many of the troubles that would have come our way had we trekked out on our own course. Yes, I can trust Him. He wants my good, He alone knows how to lead me to fulfill His Plan for me. Without a doubt, as I walk and talk with Him throughout the day, He loves and leads, guides and encourages. He can be trusted. He will not let me fall!

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  1. At the root of every crisis or struggle is the question, Is God Trustworthy? That’s it. That’s what defines believers and unbelievers. And even believers (me) question it sometimes! Trust is HUGE in this life, b/c, as some point, ALL people will fail us. We are just human. Even with the best of intentions, we hurt each other. Only God’s agenda for us is truly trustworthy. I wrote something about this last year, if you’d like to read it:

    • I enjoyed reading “Who’s the Boss?” That was a great picture of the broken plate making a beautiful mosaic. It was cute how you said, “in case you dozed off, here’s a summary.” Since it’s just after midnight, I may have! But thanks for sharing it. I want to get over and read more of your writing. I am going out of town but have U an V scheduled to publish! Have a great day!

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