30 Days to Happiness: V is for Visit

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VPaying someone a visit at their home is almost a lost art here in America. I am an avid reader of Christian fiction, and I often notice all of the visiting that goes on there. We just don’t seem to do that in real life. The last time I invited someone over to our house, and I am woefully ashamed to admit it, was for Jay’s birthday in July. It was so wonderful to have dear friends over, but we haven’t done it again since then.

As I set my goal for the year to “visit,” I had in mind a particular lady that I admire. I have a goal to invite her to lunch early in the year, and Larry and I have set a goal to have a meal with another couple that we love. Why is this so difficult? I do not have the answers, yet, although I suspect it has to do with time, energy, and motivation. Time slips away so quickly and our intentions to “visit” could pass just as quickly into another year. We miss so much, so many opportunities, to deepen relationships when we do not make time to visit. Are we being robbed of the Jesus in others, and are we missing opportunities to let Him visit others through us. We need to come together and get with others as often as possible. It may be uncomfortable, and in may be inconvenient, but it will no doubt be invaluable in becoming the person God wants us to be.

Try This:  Call someone, plan a visit. Yo might also like to picture Jesus visiting you. Would you clean up your house or your heart? When he got there, what would you talk about?

When was the last time you invited someone to your home, or were invited to another home? Please share in the comments. Happy visiting!


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  1. Soo true…its almost dissapearing here too,thanks to a little bit of customs/tradition,atleast women care to visit others.

  2. Sounds like a when win situation. 🙂

    • Leave it to you to think of that, Sandy! That is so apt, it would make a good title. I hope you are ding well and are writing more! You are such an inspiration!

  3. You are on point when you say schedule and plan! Something on the calendar is much easier to stand by and motivates action!

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