Don’t Kick the Cat!

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It is so refreshing to think positive thoughts. We must surely know that positive thoughts produce positive results. What would happen if all of the world thought positively? Think about it!

What if everyone gave everyone else the benefit of the doubt? What if people  thought the best and expected the best of every person? What if kindness and truth and love  reigned in this world?

kicking-a-catWhere does unkindness comes from anyway? It comes from unkindness. No one wakes up one bright sunny day and decides to be unkind. There had to be a catalyst. Perhaps it was something that started in childhood. Perhaps it was something that occurred yesterday, but something happened to cause unkindness.I am reminded of the famous “Kick the Cat” story told my master motivator, Zig Ziglar. Mr. B’s bad morning causes him to yell at his sales manager, who yells at his receptionist who, after a bad day at work, yells at her twelve year old son, who kicks the cat on his way to his room. Zig asks his audience, “Wouldn’t it have been better if Mr. B had gone to the receptionist’s house and kicked the cat himself?” And the question is asked, “Who’s cat are you kicking?”

What if, in your realm of influence, only kindness happened from now on?That is why the Bible teaches us to return good  for evil. That is how we stop the cycle. If everyone keeps passing on the negative way they are treated, it will just grow and grow. Someone must stop it. That is why we return good for evil.

This is  a staggering concept. “Turn the other cheek.” “Give a man your cloak if he steals your coat.” Jesus explained this perfectly. “Do good to those who curse you and despitefully use you.” I am beginning to understand. We can be a catalyst for good. When we treat someone good, it not only breaks the chain of evil and negativity, but it starts a new chain. People will automatically pay it forward. When someone is good to you, you naturally feel better about life and yourself and your situation. You will pass on kindness, love, and joy to others. We have  a responsibility to spread God’s love not in words, but in actions. How much good can we do tomorrow and what ripple effects will we set in motion? I can’t wait to find out!

Today’s Verse:  Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21


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  1. Good word!!! Mama’s old adage…if you don’t have something nice to say…don’t say it!!

  2. Sharon, Your thoughts on stopping the cycle of unkindness with kindness is exactly what’s been on my mind today. Last night I was reading “The Hardest Thing to Do”, a novel by Penelope Wilcock, and there a character who is known for his peaceful and serene demeanor comments that he has learned that when a situation is going badly, he must step back and ask what is missing …. and then, in service to Christ, HE is the one who is to bring that key ingredient to the picture. That can apply to so many things. Forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, mercy … when those things are missing, Christ asks US to be the ones to bring them into the picture.

    • Elaine, so glad to hear from you! I love the question you mentioned, “What is missing?” I believe that will really enhance our lives as we consider this in each situation. Have a wonderful day!

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