How to Make Your Own Commercial

Have you thought about an ice-cream sundae lately? Can you guess what will happen if you imagine the cool, creaminess of that spoonful of chocolate and vanilla as it glides from the spoon into your mouth. Mmmmmmmm. Delicious. Will it be very long before you are actually finding yourself in front of the glass enclosure that separates you from all of the flavors? Won’t you soon be enjoying the treat?

Everything starts with a thought. In order to get somewhere, you must think about it first. You will never get to California if you don’t first think about it. You won’t even cook a meal if you don’t first think about it. It starts with a thought.

This is why we have commercials for McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, even shampoo, beer, and automobiles. They want you to think about it. It is even better if you have an emotional reaction associated with what you are thinking about. Millions of dollars are spent to get you to think about their product and feel what it would be like to  enjoy it.

beachWithout spending a dime, you can make your own commercial for the things you want. Put yourself in the picture.  Decide what you want, where you want to go. Is it toward a better marriage, a better relationship with your husband, wife, children? Is it a better job, greater income, success on the job you already have? A problem solved? A closer relationship with God? You could imagine yourself on a tropical beach with sailboats gliding by in the distance. You could be enjoying a delectable meal at a favorite restaurant or spending a quiet evening with your family or friends. Go ahead and think about it. Think about it, literally! It is the first step.

  • If it is going to happen, you are going to have to think about it at some point!
  • Today’s Action: Just take some time to think about “it.”
Not Really Our Bedroom
Not Really Our Bedroom

Here’s me thinking about a project I need to complete in our bedroom. I am closing my eyes now. Yes, I can still type. Amazing, I know. Yes, I can definitely see the stacks of things that need to be sorted. A box of papers, tax receipts and documents, a  portable CD player, a stuffed giraffe and a moose. A moose? Yes, a moose. More books. Three baskets of papers including inspirational articles, journals, books I’ve read and haven’t read and will never read. Now watch as I am sorting through each basket paper by paper, book by book. Some books going to Goodwill, some to the library upstairs, some to my sister and my dad. Papers to the trash, some to the shredder, some in a file. Now three empty baskets going to the attic. Nothing left on the floor. Just a chair and a few books, a flashlight, and an alarm clock beside my bed. Now I can walk or dance or spin around the bedroom. Incredible! It started with a thought.

Why don’t you give it a try?