The Empty Glass

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Have you ever felt like this: You don’t have what it takes. You don’t measure up. Your problems are insurmountable. You are so far from where you need to be, you will never arrive. You think you have to change yourself, but the fact is you can do very little about your own inadequacies. You are an empty glass. An empty glass is nothing to fear.empty glass

How often do we go in our kitchen and look at all of the empty glasses wishing they weren’t empty, wishing they could quench our thirst, wishing they would give us what we need. Should we really keep thinking about how empty those glasses are when all they need is to be filled?

What a happy thought it is to know we are that empty glass, and we can easily be filled to overflowing with confidence and with all of the things we need. Our Creator made us just like this empty glass so we would need Him to fill us. All we have to do is ask! Our enemy would pound us and proclaim that we are empty, and we will always be empty, there is no way we could ever be full. He is saying all of this while our Heavenly Father longs to fill us. Give Him the glass and let Him fill it.  Then stand firm in your belief that He has filled you, and He will continue  to fill you every day for the rest of your life with exactly what you need.

Smile because the glass is empty only to be filled.


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  1. nancyhvest

    Thanks for these encouraging words. They are just what I needed to hear today.

    Nancy H Vest

  2. Awesome!

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