How to Win Favor and a Good Name

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Proverbs 3:1-4

My son, do not forget my teaching,
but keep my commands in your heart,
for they will prolong your life many years
and bring you peace and prosperity.

Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.
Then you will win favor and a good name
in the sight of God and man.

In May of this year I started studying Proverbs 3. You can read some of my first impressions of Proverbs 3: 1-4 here. For the month of June I have continued meditating these verses, asking the Lord to reveal more truth to me. After a few weeks, here’s my version of verses 1-4:

My son, remember the things I am about to tell you. They will give you a long life of peace and prosperity. Here is the first one: Let love and faithfulness never leave you. When you are trying to get an understanding of what it means to love, meditate this list from I Corinthians 13:4-7:

  • Love is patient.
  • Love is kind.
  • It does not envy.
  • It does not boast.
  • It is not proud.
  •  It does not dishonor others.
  • It is not self-seeking.
  • It is not easily angered.
  • It keeps no record of wrongs.
  •  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
  •  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Faithfulness is doing what you say you will do, being dependable and trustworthy. Faithfulness means being truthful. Being honest with yourself and others is the epitome of faithfulness, along with keeping your word. When you are honest, people learn to trust you and trust what you say.

The promise from God for those who “bind love and faithfulness around their neck” is winning “favor and a good name in the site of God and man.” You will be respected and loved by others and God will bless you. All you have to do to obtain favor with God and man is to love people and be true to your word. It won’t take people long to see that you are sincere.

Proverbs 3 1-4Think about what favor and a good name will mean to you and to your own family. You are not doing this for yourself alone. When you love and are faithful to your word, you welcome blessing into the lives of your children and grandchildren and future generations. As you wake up in the morning, let love and faithfulness be the first thing on your mind. God alone can show you how to walk this out on a daily basis, and it might look different every day.

Please help me out by telling me how you keep love and faithfulness “around your neck.”


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  1. nancyhvest

    I especially appreciate the last paragraph. More and more I think about how my actions will affect the generations after me, and I wonder if my grandparents and gr-grandparents thought about those things, too. Most of them were godly people, so I think they did. I want to model that kind of behavior in my life for those coming after me, so they will also have a godly example to follow.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Nancy! I was blessed to come from godly grandparents as well! The choices they made affect our grandchildren!

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