Daffney’s Invisible Friend

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Enjoy the continuing saga of Animal Kingdom Adventures. If you missed the first installment, “The Lion and the Porcupine Declare the Day,” you can read it here. The second installment is “Daniel Gollimer Keeps a Record”, and the third, “Charity Turns Things Around.” may be read here,   YOu first meet Daffney in “Daffney’s Secret.  The animals of the forest think Daffney is different from them because she  is always calm, peaceful, and wise. She shares her secret with them in Daffney’s Invisible Friend. Here’s the conversation they began at the end of “Daffney’s Secret:”

deer2Mikey declared, “What are you doing here? Why do you come here? What is going on? Who are you talking to? Why do you have such calmness and why are you so smart?”

“Michael, you are being rude!” Oliver proclaimed. “What Mikey means is, we were just wondering if you would share your secret with us. What is the secret to why you are so contented and wise?”

“Me? Contented? Wise? Surely you have me mixed up with someone else. You all are the ones who are amazing to me! I often marvel at the abilities you have. Why Mikey, no one can find the perfect banana like you can. Oscar, I’ve seen the waterslides you build! All of you are good at what you do! I am proud to know you!” Daffney said gently in response to Oliver’s question.

Mikey spoke up, “I didn’t mean to be rude Miss Daffney. We think you are special and different from us. We act pretty wild sometimes getting into other people’s business like we do, but you always seem to do the right things, and we watch you and see you come up here and move your lips, and nobody is there. Would you tell us who you are talking to?”

“Well, of course. I’ll be glad to. I thought you knew. I’m talking to the Lord. He is my Invisible Friend. Don’t you all talk to the Lord every day?”

monkeysMikey, Milly, Maggie, Oscar, and Oliver all said in unison, “The Lord?”

Milly continued, “Jesus, the Lord, God, the Father and the Holy Spirit?”

Oscar exclaimed, “He’s your Invisible Friend?”

“That’s right!” Daffney said.”It’s easy to forget that He is with us all of the time. I want to come up here every day and take time to realize He is closer to me than anyone else could be. He knows every answer we need. If we will talk to Him about our concerns and ask Him our questions, He will answer them. He will help us with every problem we have. I sometimes just sit and look at His creation and thank Him for everything I can think of! Don’t you all talk to and think about the Lord?”

otterOscar spoke next, “Well, yes, Miss Daffney, but I don’t have time to stop what I’m doing and find a spot by the stream every day like you do. I have things to do, places to go, and people to talk to. You know that!”

“Yes, Oscar. I know you do. Of course you do. I used to stay busy all of the time myself. I worked hard gathering food and moving about the forest getting things ready for winter, but one Sunday morning, our pastor read a scripture that made sense to me. It went something like this:  It comes from a scripture in Psalm 42.  “As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul thirsteth after you.” I know how I pant for water. When I’ve been running and hunting and sometimes even playing, I get really thirsty. The most satisfying feeling in the world is when you take that long drink of fresh waster from the stream.  I found out that there is something even more wonderful than that. It is when I can find the Lord. Remember, though He is with us all the time, but He usually won’t interrupt our thoughts to get our attention. We have to give Him our attention, and then He is more than willing to help us with whatever we need.”

“Find the Lord?” Mikey, Milly, Maggie, Oscar, and Oliver all exclaimed in unison.

“That’s right,” Daffney told them. “That’s the secret you asked me about. I find time every day and just sit and talk and listen. He’s with us all of the time, but I find if I can quiet myself for even a little while each day, I can much more easily hear Him when I am busy and with other people. I find that the things I say sometimes sound like something He would say. It is easier to stay calm when I know He is with me. I don’t worry about things like I used to. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have plenty of opportunity to worry. There are problems and challenges and stress, even things that make me mad, but as soon as I think about the Lord and can find my way to the stream, I look at all of it differently. He gives me His thoughts if I look for them. There’s a scripture about that, too in Proverbs 2. It talks about searching for Wisdom as you would search for hidden treasure. So I come to the stream every day to find Him, and if I can get my mind quiet, I always find Him. That’s the secret you asked about!”

For once the monkeys were speechless.

There was quiet in the forest, as Mikey, Milly and the other monkeys and the otters all sat down beside of Daffney and looked out over the forest and the stream. No one said anything for a long time, and then each one quietly left the scene one by one with a hint of smile on their faces. They had much to think about and an Invisible Friend to talk to.


Do you sometimes find yourself worrying, stressed, angry? Are the cares of the world bombarding you? If you can find a stream either real, or iimagined, you can quiet your mind and find your Invisible Friend, Jesus. He has the answers you need, and they will come to you when you need them if you ask. More than that, His Presence will bring you peace like nothing else can.

We will hear more from our animal friends and their adventures in future episodes of Animal Kingdom Adventures.



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