Daily Dare: Dare to Be Grateful

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Dear USA,

I’m sure you are surprised to hear from me. After all, I’ve lived with you for about one fourth of your life counting back to your birth in 1776, and I have yet to tell you how I really feel. To start with, I love the stories of your early days when brave men, women, and children crossed oceans to begin a new life. Many lost their lives, but through perseverance and divine assistance, a new land was born. I love the stories of our leaders George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, more recently Ronald Reagan and hundreds more. I love the principles they stood for and built into you. You have a strong foundation, and you were built firmly on love of freedom!

I would like to thank you for being everything I have needed. I grew up in a wholesome small town nestled in your great state of Kentucky. I was the granddaughter of a pastor of a church and had many ministers in our family. I was surrounded with the Word of God. It was understood that on Sunday, everyone went to church. Stores were not open on Sunday and the potluck dinners and ice-cream socials were a part of the fabric of our town. Little children could walk “up town” during lunch break from school, and doors were left unlocked. Groceries were brought to our doorby the local grocer. We walked across the street to school and played on the playground any time we wanted. We built tents in the backyard, played dress-up and paper dolls, and played with puppies and kittens. My mom and dad had their own business my whole life and provided everything we needed.They paid for our college education so we could have what they thought would be a better opportunity.

We lived through national crises that I barely understood and mourned assassinations of presidents and leaders, never doubting that our country would prevail. When the greatest tragedy of my life occurred with the terrorist attack on 911, I saw our country rise in unity and with one voice declare, “We will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail” in defense of our country. Church attendance increased and gratefulness for what we have was on everyone’s lips. I just read a speech given by one of your presidents, George W Bush, nine days after this tragedy, and I was once again inspired by your greatness as he so aptly orated.

You are strong, United States of America, and I am eternally grateful for having been born here. I am grateful for having the privilege to marry the man of my dreams and follow our dreams together, raising a godly family encouraging them in their dreams.

I am grateful for God’s intervention over these hundreds of years. I am grateful for every miracle that protected and preserved this great land, our way of life, and our constitution. I am grateful for the symbols that remind us of the price paid for the freedom you offer. I am grateful for traditions like  apple pie and baseball. I am grateful for shining seas and majestic mountains, landmarks and monuments, redwood trees and great lakes. You are beautiful, strong, and powerful. You are one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I love you and I am sorry I have waited so long to tell you. Stand strong, USA, God is with you as much as ever. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

With love and gratitude,


Daily Dare: Dare to be grateful. Every time you see a flag or the colors of the flag, pray out what you are grateful for, and thank God that we are one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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  1. Exceptional writing–great job, Sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you! Please come back and comment again. You are listed as “anonymous.” So your identity is a secret to me and much appreciated.

  2. Our schools still say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Unfortunately, it’s evident that the enthusiasm of elementary students begins to wain as they enter high school. Giving students the option of standing during this time is disturbing, not to mention the disregard for remaining still and/or placing hand over heart. Every once in a while, a class comes in that revives my hope for next generation’s love of country. We begin each morning with a strong “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG” and the “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” remains as strong. God Bless America.

    • I am reading through comments to know and so appreciated reading yours. I am so happy that they are still saying the Pledge at your school. You are planting seeds that others will water, and as we pray daily your seeds will grow. Thank you for coming by to read and comment. I enjoy your insightful comments on 500 words. Sharon

  3. Go USA!

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