Daily Dare: Dare to Share the Dare

plegeThere are 313 million people in the United States. How many are praying? I’ve got to believe that there could be a million pray-ers praying daily for our country. I know my church is praying. Until the Lord put this prayer initiative on my heart for September, I am sure I did not pray daily for our country, but I think we can all be confident in the fact that pray-ers have been praying. With recent events, even more are being stirred to pray. My small part is simply to suggest reminders mixed with some inspiration on a daily basis. If you share the dare, it could perhaps reach even more that would join us. Pray for pray-ers to pray! I am happy to  be among the praying. Join us, and  we will see the salvation of the Lord. Tomorrow I will post some inspiration from our founding fathers!

Daily Dare: Dare to share the dare to pray. When you see a flag, when you think of our great country, when you see red, white, or blue, pray for the salvation of America, for our safety and protection, for the glory of the Lord to shine in our lives and draw others to Him!

To share, just copy and paste this link into your favorite social media. http://idaretobehappy.com/

If you would be so kind, please leave a comment letting us know you are praying! It is a great day to be alive!