Daily Dare: Dare to Be Faithful To Pray

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Continuing the Hope For America Challenge 

God is calling many to pray for our nation at this time. If He is calling us to pray, He surely intends to answer our prayers. Dare to be faithful to pray. The essence of the Hope for America Challenge is to pray daily in one way or another.

When we pray:

Photo taken by me at BI-Lo in Myrtle Beach
Photo taken by me at BI-Lo in Myrtle Beach


It can be as simple as a declaration of: One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  Imagine what is done in the spirit realm as this is declared hundreds of times throughout a day.

It can be as intense as hours of intercession. Imagine what is being done when powerful intercessors bombard the throne of God daily on behalf of our country.

It can be as creative as going on the Pray for America bus which is now crossing the country, praying as they go and culminating at a rally in Hollywood, California on the first of October. The prayer focus this year is about the influence of the media on our country. Imagine the impact that will take effect as prayers are answered and the name of the Lord is proclaimed through movies, television, news media, and other venues of entertainment.

Let our symbols of America be persistent reminders for us to pray. Every time you see a flag or any symbol, even our colors, take that moment to pray. I’ve seen representations of our flags on pocketbooks, t-shirts, swimming trunks, bathing suits, and golf carts. Now my heart thrills whenever I see a patriotic symbol because I am encouraged to pray. Patriotism is alive and well in this country, and it is because people believe.  Let us be faithful to pray whenever we can, as often as we can. Then He will heal our land.There is Hope for America.

Daily Dare: Dare to be faithful to pray. Add your prayers, simple, intense, or creative to the prayers of millions of others and see God heal our land.

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