Daily Dare: Dare to Turn the Ship Around

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The Queen Mary II Concludes Trans-Atlantic Cruise In FloridaCan you picture an ocean liner moving noiselessly through the water. The captain slowly turns the rudder. The ship ever so slightly begins to alter course. It is barely noticeable. With continued gentle pressure, the whole ship can be turned to go in the opposite direction. With a million gentle prayers going up daily, I see this great country slowly turning back in the direction God would have it to go. Dare to pray His Will over the country. What is God’s will for the USA? Is it that she should fall? Or is it that she shall stand for Him and show the world His love and goodness once again.

Daily Dare: Dare to turn the rudder of this great ship, America, by praying for wisdom, protection, strength and for truth to reign once again. Every time you see a symbol of our country or our flag, pray for God’s will to be done and know that His will is wisdom, protection, strength and truth reigning once again.

Start at 45 seconds for a beautiful light show and inspirational “Proud to Be an American” by Kenny Rogers.

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