Daily Dare: Dare to Look for the Good in America

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flag with statueSunday, as I stood worshiping in church, I looked around at others worshiping and thought, “This is America!” These are the people who make up our country. We so often hear in the news the horrific acts committed by people on a daily basis, yet there is much that is never reported. There are heroic acts being done every day. There are people who lay their lives down for others every day. There are men and women every day who sacrifice their time, their energy and their money to help others. There are those who encourage others on a daily basis, and those who light up their workplace, school, or home with their smile and thereby make our day and our world better.

Here’s a great article on every day Heroes Among Us.

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This is America! Think of all of the benefits we enjoy every day in America. Our trash is picked up. Electricity is literally at our fingertips powering numerous gadgets that make our life easier. Our televisions and our computers inform us. Beautiful scenery from mountains to beaches, from monuments to parks beckon us. Books of every kind are available for our education, inspiration, and pleasure. Food is readily available and with the turn of a key in the ignition, most of us can go anywhere we want. We can say and think what we want and worship wherever and however we want. Dare to look for the good in America. There is much we take for granted. There is much to be thankful for.

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cowboy hatDaily Dare: Dare to look for the good in America. Look at the faces of your fellow Americans and count your blessings. Pray that God will protect and bless America and every American. Every time you see a symbol of America, remember to pray.





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  1. You are absolutely amazing!

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