Daily Dare: Dare to Believe

American_Flag_and_EagleThe plane pitched downward at six hundred miles per hour. The hard ground came rushing at its passengers. Then the plane suddenly made an upward sweep and, though increasing in altitude, weaved recklessly through the sky as if no one was at the controls. Another downward pitch and then up again, it swerved wildly in the sky. Just as it seemed it was the final lunge toward the earth, unseen hands took the controls and deftly righted it, allowing it to soar skillfully to higher altitude, straightening its course, and proceeding silently toward its destination.

What had happened? What had changed the course and saved the plane and its passengers? Prayer.

The plane is our United States. Needless to say, there is much unrest, confusion,and division in our land. We may never agree on all of the issues, and it may seem like we are headed for a crash landing. When enough of us pray in faith, God will take control and lift us up above the turmoil bringing us into our rightful destination as One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Daily Dare: Dare to believe that God is in control, and He is lifting us up into our rightful place as a nation under God. Every time you see a flag today, declare that you believe He is in control.