Does God Need Our Help?

Day 3 of  31 Days of Writing

“We help God when we pray.”

pray copyI was all set to pronounce the answer to the question, “Does God need our help?” with an emphatic “Yes!” I had planned to base this on the statement above given by Frank Laubach on page 20 of the book, Prayer, the Mightiest Force in the World. I was also poised to share an anecdote of the church member who was visited by the new pastor which “clearly” demonstrates that God needs our help. In googling the question, I found a dozen articles that declare God does not need our help.

That was a surprise, at first, and a disappointment because I had to reframe my thoughts on the comment, “We help God when we pray.” No, he doesn’t need my help. Of course He doesn’t. He’s mighty, and strong, all powerful, all knowing. After all, with God, all things are possible! The really great news is, He doesn’t need it, but He wants it! He wants my help. He wants to use me. He wants to use you. He partners with us so that we can have a part in His inheritance. He designed his world with free will so that we have a vital role to play in what happens in and to that world. Here’s that fun story that illustrates the point:

A newly appointed pastor who went to visit the home of a congregation member. Upon arriving there the minister discovered his host was an avid gardener, and was only too delighted to show his pastor around the garden, a magnificent sea of greens, purples, blues, whites, yellows and pinks. Wanting to set the relationship off on a strong, positive note, the pastor said, “Praise God for the beauty of his handiwork”.

But his host replied in a somewhat offended tone, “Now pastor, don’t go giving all the credit to God. You should have seen this garden when the Almighty had it to himself!”

We are His body, His hands,  His feet, His voice. When we pray, we can walk through the halls of Congress and the White House. The Spirit of God can go directly to individuals far from us and can speak directly to them, giving them wisdom, changing their hearts. Dr. Laubach put it this way:

“Most of us will never enter the White House and offer advice to the President. probably he will never have time to read our letters. But we can give him what is far more important than advice. We can give him a lift into the presence of God, make him hungry for divine wisdom which is the grandest thing one man ever does for another. We can visit the White House with prayer as many times a day as we think of it, and every such visit makes us a channel between God and the President.”

Today when you see a flag or a symbol of America:

Dare to Pray for the President of the United States, for our Congress and all national and local leaders. Pray for wisdom and for God to make an entrance into their hearts for His will to be done.

We help God when we pray!

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