Who Wants to Play a Game as Old as Enoch?

“What a nation thinks about, that it is.”

pray copyThis is Day 8 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” If you are stopping by for the first time, you may want to start at the beginning on Day One by clicking here first. I hope you’ll join me each day to get a little inspiration and to pick up the “7 Second Dare to Pray” that we can each pray throughout our day. I am getting more and more excited to see where God is going to take us through this Challenge. Stay with me. You make a difference. We need YOU!

Frank Laubach believed that the world’s only hope was for the human race to become like Christ. At the time of his writing, he estimated that about one third of the world’s population were members of a Christian church and only half of that attended regularly. He suggested that even in the best churches, preachers spoke of Christ in only about one in four sermons or thirty minutes a month. These are dismal statistics.

“Less than ten minutes a week given to thinking about Christ by one-sixth of the people is not saving our country or our world; for selfishness, greed, and hate are getting a thousand times that much thought. What a nation thinks about, that it is. We shall not become like Christ until we give Him more time. Few people are getting enough of Christ to save either themselves or the world.”

(The Game With Minutes,1933, Laubach, p. 3)

The answer he offers us is the “Game With Minutes,” challenging us to bring Christ into our thoughts one second of every minute. He describes it as “a new name for something as old as Enoch.”

“We call this a game because it is a delightful experience and an exhilarating spiritual exercise; but we soon discover that it is far more than a game. Perhaps a better name for it would be ” an exploratory expedition.”

“Thank God, this adventure is free for everybody, rich or poor, wise or ignorant, famous or unknown, with a good past or a bad.”

(Laubach, p.7)

We cannot control the thoughts of our world, our nation, or even those closest to us, but we can direct our own thoughts toward the Lord, and inspire others to do the same.

Dare to Pray, “Holy Spirit, help each one of us to bring you into our thoughts every minute of this day.”

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