What’s So Incredible About the Game With Minutes?

pray copyThis is Day 9 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” If you are stopping by for the first time, you may want to start at the beginning on Day One by clicking here first. I hope you’ll join me each day to get a little inspiration and to pick up the “7 Second Dare to Pray” that we can each pray throughout our day. I am getting more and more excited to see where God is going to take us through this Challenge. Stay with me. You make a difference. We need YOU!

As a nation thinks,so it is.

How can the “Game With Minutes” change how the nation thinks? When you grasp this concept, a lightbulb comes on, fireworks go off. This truth will impact your life. Here’s the exciting part: this nation of ours is made up of millions of individuals just like you and me. As I think, so I am. As we think, the nation thinks, and when our nation is thinking more about Christ and living more like Him, there is hope!

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

The “Game With Minutes” helps us to guard our heart, encourages us to bring Christ into our day to day activities, to converse with Him throughout the day, and to bring Him into every minute of our day. As I think, so I am.  Being in His presence, practicing His presence throughout each day is the best way to have “the mind of Christ.”

 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5

When enough of us have the mind of Christ, the nation changes and the world changes. And what can be more incredible than that?

There is another important part to the “Game With Minutes,” that I’ll give you on Day 10. It’s going to be fun!

Now that we are playing the “Game With Minutes,” continue to let every flag and every symbol of America remind you to pray and to bring God into your thoughts. Then continue to pray and to bring God into your thoughts throughout the day. When incredible things begin to happen in your life, be sure to let us know!

Dare to Pray, “Lord, let Truth fill our hearts, come forth from our lips, and reign over the United States of America.”

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  2. Love your “collective thinking” here. Great post.

    • Can you define “collective thinking.” If it’s a good thing, I want to keep doing it.

  3. I like this intentionally praying idea, whenever we see an emblem of America. Because each moment counts, even if it is just a quick, whispered prayer. God hears!!

    Stopping by from the Weekend Brew/31 Days 🙂

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