Are You Ready to Get in the Game?

The Game With Minutes is simply trying to see how many minutes in a day you can bring Christ into your thoughts for at least one second of every minute. It is the gentle pressure of your will to bring your mind back to Him as it tries to wander away on whatever comes along. By sharing your minutes partnered with the Savior a miraculous, often amazing lifestyle develops.

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The Game With Minutes originated with Frank Laubach in 1930. He was a missionary and teacher to the Philippines who created written languages for some of the tribes so that they could then read and understand the Bible. In addition to teaching others the minute-by-minute life with Jesus, he became known as “the father of literacy” being quite literally responsible for teaching millions to read. Others have picked up the mantle and brought Jesus into all of their thoughts. Here’s the beginning of a true story told by Jan Johnson illustrating the same principles as Frank Laubach’s Game With Minutes.

“I told the pastor I’d be glad to pass out brochures door to door. But when he handed them to me I thought, I’d love to go home, curl up, and read a book.

Jan tells of shyly approaching the first door that day and getting ready to hand the lady of the house a brochure about her church and leave. The door was opened by a weary mother with a toddler on her hip. Jan says she stepped into her habit of turning whatever is going on inside her into prayer. She prayed, “Give her patience, God. This little one isn’t potty trained.” When Jan left the house, she was invigorated. She knew that her real task was to pray for everyone she encountered. The dreaded task had become a “fun and interesting experience through prayer.”

“Our perpetual self-talk–the chatter in our head as we commute, prepare sandwiches, or do exercises–can be transformed into a continual conversation with God.”

Let each “annoyance” become a catalyst for prayer. Jan further tells of being annoyed each time she saw the basketball backstop in her backyard. A neighbor had pulled the basket down and broken it. The Johnsons had not taken time to repair it, so every time she saw it, she felt frustration.  This same boy had been battling drug addiction and had been in and out of rehabilitation. One day, a magnanimous idea came to her. Why not use the broken backstop as a reminder to pray for the boy. And she did.

We can take every day irritating events or frustrating circumstances and turn them into life-changing adventures by praying. We can turn mundane events into exhilarating exploits by talking them over with God. Play the Game With Minutes. Bring God into your thoughts and ask Him for His thoughts to be yours.

Dare to Pray, “Turn our thoughts to you, Lord.” God bless America.

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