Flash Prayers, Breath Prayers, 7-Second Prayers

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This is Day 17 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” You can go back to Day One by clicking here.

If you haven’t tried it yet, today is a good day to play the Game With Minutes. To play, we turn every thought to Christ, teaching ourselves to quickly turn a thought into a prayer. If we don’t know what to say, we can bring up what or who is in front of us.

“Lord, speak to them.”

“Make yourself known to them.”

“Let them know You love them.”

“Your will be done.”

These can be called, “Flash Prayers,” Breath Prayers” or “7-second Prayers” because they are so quick;  they can take only a breath or a few seconds to pray. You can have one ready at all times.

The “breath prayer” is simply repeating a prayer phrase that comes quickly to your mind in a given situation. Author and speaker, Jan Johnson,  gives this example of using a breath prayer.

I am afraid of upcoming surgery-Into Thy hands.

I don’t want my job to end–Into Thy hands.

I want this person to love you, but he doesn’t– Into Thy hands.

You can pray,

“I give this to You, Lord.”

“What do you think about this, Lord?”

“Your will be done.”

“Your thoughts, Lord.”

sky flagOver the past sixteen days, we have dared to pray these prayers for our country. These are flash prayers,  “7-second prayers” or “breath prayers.” When we see a reminder of our country, we can be ready with a prayer, God hears every prayer prayed from a heart of love and faith, and He will answer.

Day 1:  Dare to Pray: God Bless America.

Day 2:  Dare to Pray for Divine Safety and protection over the United States of America. Declare that our country abides under the Shadow of the Almighty. He is our refuge and strength according to Psalm 91:1, 2.

Day 3: Dare to Pray for the President of the United States, for our Congress and all national and local leaders. Pray for wisdom and for God to make an entrance into their hearts for His will to be done.

Day 4: Dare to Pray: “Your thoughts are higher than our thoughts, Lord God. Give us your thoughts today about our country, our leaders, and our neighbors.”

Day 5: Dare to Pray, “Lord,  heal our land.”

Day 6: Dare to Pray, “Open our hearts toward you, Lord, that we would hear Your Voice and know your Will for our  lives and our country.”

Day 7: Dare to Pray for teachers everywhere today. What an influence they have upon our children and our youth! Pray that teachers will be open to hear God’s voice and teach His children in love and truth.
Day 8: Dare to Pray, “Holy Spirit, help each one of us to bring You into our thoughts every minute of this day.”

Day 9: Dare to Pray, “Lord, let Truth fill our hearts, come forth from our lips, and reign over the United States of America.”

Day 10: Dare to Pray for pastors. Declare the name of Jesus over this nation.

Day 11: Dare to Pray “Thy will be done in the United States of America, as it is in heaven.”

Day 12: Dare to Pray for families in America to be strong and for hearts to be healed.

Day 13: Dare to Pray: “Let Your love flow through me to others today; this will change America.”

Day 14: Dare to Pray, “Father, get involved in the lives of all I meet today. God bless America”

Day 15: Dare to Pray, “Turn our thoughts to you, Lord.” God bless America.”

Day 16: Dare to Pray, “Thy Will be done in our country today and every day.”

And today,

Dare to Pray, “Let me be a Light in our country today, Lord.”



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