Where, When, and How to Play the Game With Minutes

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This is Day 18 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” You can go back to Day One by clicking here.

 Is It Easy?

The Game with Minutes is trying to call Christ to mind at least one second of every minute. You do not need to stop other things or forget your work, but invite Him to share everything you do or say or think. When you try this Game with Minutes, you discover that spiritually you are very weak at first. A baby learning to walk may pull up, wobble a few steps and then fall in exhaustion. Then he tries again standing a little longer than before. When we try to keep God in mind, we may be like this baby, but there are some people who will learn to keep Him in mind as much as 90 percent of the day.

“You will find this just as easy and just as hard as forming any other habit.”(Laubach, Practicing His Presence, p.31.)

Can You Keep God in Mind While Having Fun?

God is interested in our fun as much as we are.

“If a thing brings health and joy and friendship, and a fresh mind, God is keenly interested because He is interested in us.”

You can easily pray while playing any sport, running, or playing any game. In fact, we can learn to pray during any activity.

“We gain purity of heart, because when we are maintaining the Presence of Christ, our minds are pure as a mountain stream every moment.” (p.36)

Can You Keep God in Mind as You Go Throughout Your Day?

skyWhen you wake in the morning, you can bring Jesus into your mind by saying, “Good morning,” and you might say His name in your mind several times to focus your attention on Him. Then you can say,” Lord, shall we get up now?”

You can talk to him as you dress and prepare for the day. As you leave your home, He goes with you.

“Men have found they can keep the Lord in mind while engaged in all types of work, mental or manual.” (p. 34)

Those who have intolerable circumstances to face find that they have greater strength while recognizing their Unseen friend at their side. You can take a stroll and easily call the Lord to mind as you walk. Ask Him what is on His mind, and “answer back aloud with your voice what you believe He replies to you.” (p.33) You may not always be correct in guessing His answer, but there are times you will be very sure it was what He would say to  you.

When reading, you can talk with Him about what is on the pages you read. You will be surprised when greater insights come to you while you read.

Mothers can keep Christ in mind while caring for children and doing household duties like sweeping, doing laundry, and other household chores. They can whisper to the Lord about every small matter knowing that He can help.

Making all thought a conversation with God is the greatest, most productive, and joyous activity we could possibly engage upon. Multitudes have turned despair into joy and defeat into victory by playing the Game with Minutes.

“This practicing the Presence of Christ takes all of our time, yet does not take from our work, it takes Christ into our enterprises and makes them more successful.” (p. 30)

At the end of the day, you can make sure that your last thoughts are of Jesus as you fall asleep.

And throughout your day, when you see a flag or a symbol of America, or when the Lord brings our country to your attention,

Dare to Pray, “Draw the hearts of this nation back to your, Lord.”

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