Three Times I Heard from God

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sky3There is something about the Voice of God. I am not speaking of an audible voice, but His Voice in our spirit. Sometimes it sounds like our voice. Sometimes we think it is our own voice, our own thoughts, and sometimes it is. When it is the Voice of God, somehow you know it. Whether it sounds like you or not, it has a quality, an essence about it that you know is different from any other voice. For one thing, it is often contrary to the way you were looking at something. It is a broader, clearer view. For another thing there is a quality of life and wisdom about it. You often remember where you were and the circumstances surrounding it when you heard the Voice of God.

1. Once I remember standing in the doorway of our home between the hallway and the den. I am sure I was trying to make a point and convince Larry of my view of something. In my ear, I heard these words, “Your reasoning is faulty at best.” I have never forgotten the impact and the wisdom of that. So often we think we can figure things out, or if we take the information at hand and thoroughly analyze it, (I do this for sport) we will come up with the right answer. The word of the Lord was “Your reasoning is faulty at best.” Hearing this made me put far less weight on information and my ability to come up with the proper answer through analysis. I learned to rest and rely on His wisdom which may come through intuition and through the “knowing” that He will communicate to us.

2. Another time that I recall was when we desperately needed an answer to prayer. Something was out of our control, and we were on a time deadline. I heard this, wrote it down, and obeyed it. I still have the piece of paper. The message was, “Trust me. I’ve already taken care of it.” Within two hours we had the favorable answer that we desired. Instead of spending those hours frantically worrying and wondering, I went to the pool with my friend and rejoiced when the answer came. This was the much better way.

3. Larry and sharon on the beach A third time that I heard the Voice of God was not so much a Voice that I heard but a knowing that came. Anyone who is married knows that who you marry is one of the top two most important decisions you will ever make with accepting the Lord as being number one. When I accepted Larry’s marriage proposal, I was breaking with the path I had been on which would have been more traditional. He was that “out of the box” kind of guy that didn’t necessarily follow the status quo, it seemed. This information was based generally on the simple fact that he had longer hair than anyone else I had dated. He had attended UNC-Carolina instead of a Christian college like I had. Who knew what views he held? These were not my thoughts at all, they were Mom’s! Bless her heart! So my knowing came in two ways: The first one was, “Whatever makes you love God more is His will.” I had read this in a book and it resonated with me. Secondly, I knew that I knew He was the one. If I had not married him, I would have known that I had disobeyed God. I was that sure. It cannot be explained, but I pray everyone will be that sure and have that knowing in such an important decision.

These are three times I heard from God. There have been many others, and I believe there will be many more. The more we talk to Him, tune in, ask for His thoughts, and listen, the more we will hear and know we are hearing His Voice.

Lord, what would you say to us now.

Look at the horizon, lift your eyes up and see as far as you can see. Trust me to take you there. Trust me to walk with you there. You don’t need to be looking down or looking at the things that are around you. There is a dream, a destiny that you have; there is a plan that I have for you. Get your eyes on the horizon. Trust me. Let me guide your steps. Keep your eyes on me and put one foot in front of the other. Walk in love. Walk in My joy and My peace. I will lead you. I walk with you. I will show you great and mighty things. Look to the horizon.


Dare to Pray, “Lord, let each one of us hear and discern Your Voice today. Let our congressmen and President and all government leaders hear and discern Your Voice.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing! So important to have God’s voice in our head and you’re right, it comes in so many different ways and it’s always special!
    Have a great new week! – a fellow 31 Dayer

  2. I love hearing the voice of the LORD also ~ sometimes I wish it was a bit more audible and obvious though!!! I have a few memories like you where it was very clearly a sentence from the LORD and I hold those very close 🙂 Thank you for sharing today!

  3. “quality. essence” That rings true to me. It is different for each of us, hinting at our personal relationships with him. And yet there is a common thread in the groundeness (is that a word?) that is His voice.

    • Your comment was insightful! Thank you so much! Love the emphasis on personal relationship. It is personal, isn’t it and deeply unique for each one of us.

  4. whimsipoppy

    Loved reading your story – thank you for sharing! xxx

  5. This was beautiful Sharon. Thanks for sharing they ways you hear God speak!

    • I couldn’t leave a comment on your post, so I’ll just put it here. So glad you came my way! I just love the concept of “sandpaper people.” It will make me smile from now on when I meet one. It will be a secret joke between the Lord and I, “Oh here’s one of those sandpaper people Ellen was talking about.” You have given me a gift. Let’s see what the Lord does with it. I see smoothness in my future.

  6. Great post! Thanks for listening to the Lord and sharing. I think it is helpful to hear how others hear from God.

    • Your adoption story is riveting. You are an excellent writer. How kind of you to visit me here! In your listening, if you get any message for me, be sure to let me know! I’ll do the same! : )

  7. Love your testimony of hearing clear guidance from God. I’ve certainly had those times when it almost seemed as if I’d heard an audible voice from the Lord! So grateful that when He wants us to know something, He will tell us! Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday.

    • Holly, I’ve read several of the posts from your link today. Thank you so much. You have much to say and much wisdom and inspiration to share. Blessings to you!

  8. I LOVE this! I think we are one in the same in many ways friend! My 31 days has been called, “Whispers With Abba”…much in line with your thoughts! Great post!

    • Just got back from a visit to “your place.” Oh, how I love the title “Whispers With Abba.” Very refreshing. Thanks for visiting me!

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