Are You Ready to Experiment With Listening Prayer?

pray copyThis is Day 22 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! If you want to catch up, click right over to Day 1 for a list of all the posts.

The Game With Minutes is bringing God into our thoughts at least one second of every minute. It is making all of your thoughts a conversation with God. In the last half of our Writing Challenge, we are experimenting with the listening side of this conversation. I have been going back through the Archives of my posts because there have been occasions where I knew that God spoke to me through writing. I found one originally published on January 23, 2014, entitled “A Conversation With God.” Come with me as we explore the answers to some questions I asked God several months ago. You’ll have more fun if you put yourself with Him on the sofa and picture yourself there, listening to my questions and anticipating His answers.

I started out writing my thoughts as I closed my eyes and imagined Jesus was sitting on the sofa with me.

There is nothing in the world more precious than your Presence. Let’s say that I am in your Presence right now. I am aware that You are here on the sofa with me. You are willing to listen and talk about anything I want. Just being with You brings me peace and joy. I feel calmer now. I can see the love in Your eyes. I can sense the wisdom that You have. You are totally unruffled. I just sense that You are not the least bit concerned about any of the things we are, though you patiently listen and smile. They just aren’t that important in the scheme of things. I am looking into Your eyes and knowing suddenly that none of this matters. You have much bigger plans and ideas. You can see it all fitting together.Presence3

Next I asked Him a number of questions, but in the original writing I didn’t write His answers. Perhaps, I didn’t even really stop to listen, but just asking the questions drew me into a place of peace and located where my heart was. Tonight and over the next few days,as an exercise in listening, I am going to take some of these questions and record what I hear Him saying. Presence5

Here’s the first question:

Would You be able to impart wisdom to me?

I’m closing my eyes. I am listening. You can do the same with your pen and paper or open document, and you may hear something different than I do. Please share what you hear.

Here’s what I heard:

You ask me if I would be able to impart Wisdom to you that would enable you to see how things fit together. I say to you he who wants wisdom, let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally. Just ask me for wisdom any time any place and I will l give you wisdom.Trust in me. Wisdom is the principle thing. Solomon, my son, asked for wisdom, you know the story well, and I gave him riches and wisdom. People came from afar to hear his wisdom. Breathe deeply and let wisdom come to you. Stay ever close to me and when others ask questions of you, train yourself to silently ask me for wisdom and breathe in. Then share what words I give you. Let them flow out of you as words of life. Lean not unto your own understanding.  Trusting me for Wisdom means not thinking and reasoning and planning and analyzing, but let my words flow to you and bring you Truth.

Continue to Day 23 for more answers.

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And every time you see a flag or a symbol of our country:

Dare to Pray that the people of the United States of America will hear the Voice of the Lord and turn to Him as never before!



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