How Is Your Hearing?

pray copyThis is Day 23 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! If you want to catch up, click right over to Day 1 for a list of all the posts.

How is your hearing? We are so used to our five senses interpreting our world and our circumstances, that it takes exercise to strengthen our spiritual senses. By playing The Game With Minutes, we are strenthening our spiritual senses. Learning to think God’s thoughts opens us up to see, smell, taste, feel and hear as He does. It is challenging at best, but it is quite the adventure of life to play this game and learn to live His Way.

5 sensesListening Prayer is when we do our best to quiet our busy minds and hear what He is saying. If we can learn to ask Him for his thoughts, He will give us those higher thoughts andĀ  our words and actions will be wiser and more productive.

There are certain tests through which we should filter the words we hear. When we try to hear His Voice, remember that our own thoughts reside right along with our spirit. The more our mind is renewed to the Word of God, the more accurately we will hear His voice. Naturally, some of our own habitual thoughts will mingle with His thoughts. When reading back over what you have heard, you can test the words by asking these questions:

  • Does it agree with the Word of God?
  • What fruit does it produce? If these words lead you down a path of life and peace, rest in it.
  • Does it stand the test of time? If you will look at these words again in a few days, weeks, and even longer, the life of these words will be apparent compared to other words you have written.

If you find that some of the words do not meet the tests, do not be alarmed. Celebrate the fact that you were able to discern the difference. Expect to hear His Voice, and your sense of spiritually hearing will improve with practice.word-of-god

Today’s Exercise: Set a timer for five minutes and stay focused on the Lord, listening. If you would, please share something from your experience with us.

I thought I wasn’t going to hear anything tonight,but this is what I felt I heard:

“I am not limited by words when I want to speak with my people. There are many ways that I will speak to you. I will use anything and everything within my power to communicate to you. Look for signs of my love everywhere you go. You will see me in flowers, trees, birds that sing, bricks that build, people who smile. Look for me and sing out the message that you hear.”

In the next few days, we will experiment with hearing God’s answer questions like this:

Can You impart to me a sense of knowing that everything is okay?

Let’s see what He has to say to us on Day 24.



And of course, as you have for the last 22 days, please remember to:

Dare to Pray for God’s hand to be upon our country in safety, protection, love and peace.


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2 Responses

  1. I think I need to spend more time on ‘listening prayer.’
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thank you for this post! It is so important to hear from the lord and the steps you describe are a really good help. I have used them a lot and I am always amazed what he says.
    Happy Thursday to you!

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