Not By Words Alone

 pray copyThis is Day 27 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! Only four more days left of the Challenge. You will find the complete list beginning on  Day 1.

With the understanding that God clearly wants us to hear Him and makes it possible for us to do so, let’s see what happens when we ask Him the next question (taken from a January post, “A Conversation with God.”) Listen and write down what He is saying to you about this, and please feel free to share in the comments.

Do I have some power to affect things for the better here in our world?

I went on to tell God what I would do for the world if I could.

If I could, I would put love in the hearts of everyone I know. I would give peace to everyone I know. I would provide the finances that each one needs and some more for fun, but wisdom would come with it. Confidence love, joy, and peace would be the norm.

And here’s me continuing the conversation today:

Lord, I have meditated on this question all day today, and I have not heard an answer from you. Is this becoming a pattern that You aren’t going to answer?

No, this is becoming a lesson.

(Now that sounded like God.)

words2I am learning the lesson: You are not limited by words. I have been talking to Jay about this, and Nick also confirmed the idea that words are limiting. I have always loved words as  you well know. I have not considered them limiting as there are so many of them, and so many things you can say with them, and yes, you are right, so many ways to get in trouble with them.

Lord, you are showing me that You often communicate by:

  • impressions
  • or listening to others
  • or even by our own talking
  • by gentle nudges that we had no idea were You (but when we look back, we see your handprint)
  • by “anything and everything” in Your power (which is everything)

butterflyI am in awe of You, and there I go using words to say something that I feel more strongly than words can say. And that is why You love finding creative ways to show your love, and lead us, and teach us, and answer our questions. I am listening now. With Your help, I will listen for more than words!

And with just a few more days left in the Challenge, remember to pray for our country:

americaDare to Pray, “Lord, keep our country in safety, peace, and prosperity.We declare the name of Jesus over the United States of America.


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  1. Thank you for this reminder regarding words. I love them too and yet i get myself in trouble with them sometimes. =)

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