6 Weeks to the Finish Line

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Have fun reading the story about Dr. Sharon and Bill’s first week of Faithful Finish Lines, then pick up you gift at the end of the story, and consider leaving a gift for someone else in the comments.

Dr Sharon3Last week, Bill came to see his doctor and friend, Dr. Sharon. He was concerned about his appearance in a recent vacation photograph and appealed to Dr. Sharon for help with his problem. Fortunately, Dr. Sharon had run across the help they needed in a blog called Faithful Finish Lines where Sara Borgstede promised to lead the group in achieving fitness goals they set for themselves. She would use a common sense approach with faith, exercise, and goal setting as her method of operation. At the end of the appointment, Dr. Sharon gave Bill a pat on the back and said, “I’ll sign us up, Bill, and when I find out what we are suppose to do first, I’ll give you a call.”

Faithful FitnessAs promised, Dr. Sharon called Bill and gave him the weekly guidance from Sara.

“Here’s what she says to do, Bill. Write this down. Three words: Food Log and Movement. That’s it.”

“Food log and movement. Got it. What does it mean?”

“It mean write down what you eat, whatever it is and get moving. Walk, run, dance, any kind of movement or exercise just do something and do more than you usually do.That’s all we do the first week. Then there’s just six more weeks to go. We are going to cross the finish line on December 23!”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Bill, let’s meet on Monday, November 10th to talk about what we accomplished this week, and then make a game plan for Week 2.”

“Yes ma’am! I’ll look forward to it”

A week later, Bill sauntered cheerfully into Dr. Sharon’s office.

Let’s go to the snack room, Bill. I think we’ll be more comfortable there.”

food logThey sat down at the small table and Bill started off by absentmindedly reaching his hand into the bowl of celery sticks on the table. “Well, here’s how it went for me,” he announced proudly. “I did like you said, I wrote down everything I ate, and I started moving. I ran 12 miles a day, and I lost 12 pounds. I have measured my arms and they now measure 2 inches more of solid muscle.”

Dr. Sharon looked at Bill in astonishment, “Bill, what on earth are you talking about? What you have said is utterly impossible. My results were nothing like that, and I was quite pleased with myself.”

“Don’t let that disturb you, my friend. Keep in mind that I am a fictitious character and fantastic results can happen to the fictitious!”

“I see your point,” Dr. Sharon acquiesced. “Well, here’s my results: I wrote down everything I ate. My greatest day for sugar intake was Saturday when I succumbed to the persuasion of 2 cupcakes, a brownie, a zinger and 2 and a half cookies. I also ate some celery that day. I went to the gym twice during the week and walked in the neighborhood three other days building up to 1.2 miles. I weighed this morning, Bill, and just one week after starting Sara’s program, the scales were down .7 pounds. Considering that I am not a fictitious person, that’s pretty good for me!

“Those are pretty impressive results! So, how do you feel, Dr. Sharon?”

“I feel great, Bill! I believe this is a program I can really stick with. There’s a lot of support in Sara’s group, and of course it’s good to be working with you, as well, Bill. You’re really encouraging me in this.”

“Glad I can return the favor, Dr. Sharon, and now what do we do for Week 2?”

fruit “This week, Bill, we add fruit and vegetables to our diet. I have already discovered the more good foods I eat, the less attraction there is to bad foods. We are suppose to keep moving, and I am going to keep writing down what I eat. Seeing all of that sugar on my list last week clearly showed me where my real problem was. Adding the fruit and vegetables are going to be the solution to that problem. We’re also suppose to set our fitness goal by the end of the week.”

Bill stood up to leave, “Mrs. Sara is a genius, isn’t she, Dr. Sharon?”

“I believe you’re right, Bill. Of course remember the title, Faithful Finish LInes. Without faith. . .”

“It is impossible to please the Lord,” Bill finished the well-known verse.

“I have faith, Bill, that we are going to lose weight, get healthier, have more energy, and please the Lord all by following Sara’s Faithful Finish Line.”

“I’m with you, Dr. Sharon. I’m already looking forward to having my picture taken on the beach at my next vacation.”

“Me too, Bill. I’ll meet you back here next week, and we can talk about our success at adding fruit and vegetables to our daily food intake. I’m expecting great things from you. I can’t wait to hear what you say you accomplish.”

“I’m excited about it, too, Doc. I really think I’ve found the secret: have fun, make progress, count your successes, and. . . if you are a fictitious character, you can make up whatever you want. But Doc, in your case, you better stick to reality.”

“I know you’re right, Bill. I’ll do that. See you next week!”

Be sure to check in next week, to see how our friends are progressing!

Here’s the gift I mentioned: It’s a thought you can take with you.


Count your small successes.

They will be the building blocks for reaching higher goals.

In other words, don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back and say “Good job!” Have fun!

Please leave a word of wisdom or encouragement for someone else as your gift.



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