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Rave2The official ending date for our 7 weeks of Faithful Finish Lines was December 21, but it’s just the beginning for me.

I can’t begin to describe the positive effects this program has had on me. I was so fortunate to be found by Sara and Jill. On our Facebook page tonight Sara asked us our greatest accomplishment and our greatest challenge. Here’s how I responded:

My biggest accomplishment was to get moving. After having no exercise program for years and years, I now exercise three to four times a week for at least 30 minutes. My recorded speed during my last “work-out” was 3.84 mph. My longest walk/run in one session was 3.5. Several times I have surpassed 5K.

I have had several days with eating healthy foods at  90/10% but have averaged 50% near these holidays. Biggest challenge is to write everything down and continue working toward the 90/10.

I am most grateful to be a part of this group because of testimonies like the one I read tonight of one of my new friends who said,

“My biggest accomplishment has been acknowledging that God loves me and doesn’t think that I am a big, fat, lazy slob. He rejoices with me when I make a good choice and He loves me through the bad choices. I CAN make changes for the better and I can take baby steps to focus on the next little goal and the next and the next till I reach a BIG goal. My accomplishment has been a turn around of my thoughts towards God and my feelings about myself away from the negative. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to actually take baby steps. I have always been overwhelmed by any program or diet I’ve tried. I’ve always been overwhelmed by even thinking about trying a program or diet. NOT ANYMORE.”

This program has eternal value, as well as physical. I am honored to be associated with my fellow athletes and coaches. Now I have the privilege of inviting all of my friends to join Faithful Finish Lines. The next session begins on January 5th and runs until February 21.

Faithful FitnessFor more information, check out the website – Faithful Finish Lines. Registration closes January 3rd 2015.

  • Use the code FFLJan2015 and get $10 off your registration. 
  • Please put my name in the “Friend Who Referred You” box and I will receive 1 month free membership in the FFL Community Forum.

You have the choice of several online programs. The one I am a part of is now known as the Awesome 7-Week Community Group Membership.

Register here:

The program is well worth the registration fee. Consider the cost as an investment in yourself for the new year. If you are like me, you will want to continue the program, and the ongoing cost is minimal.

Sara also has openings for 10 bloggers who agree to do the program and blog about their experience. These bloggers obtain free membership as I did. Read about this here: Faithful Finish Line Bloggers Program.

Today would be a great day to join us at Faithful Finish Lines. Whatever physical, spiritual, emotional and personal goals you have, you will find encouragement and coaching here. Here’s what I like best about being a part of Faithful Finish Lines:

  • You set your own goals.
  • You take baby steps.
  • When you fail, you get back up and start again.
  • You make new friends.
  • You get encouragement.
  • You have the privilege to encourage others.
  • You get a prayer partner if you want.
  • You get prayer for whatever you need if you want to share.
  • You get guidance on goal setting and achieving your goals.
  • You get information on health and fitness.
  • You get a scripture and prayer for each week.
  • It seems impossible to fail with this program. They just won’t let you.

Join us today! You’ll love it!

Happy New Year!

For more information:

Here’s a link to what my prayer partner had to say about Faithful Finish Lines: “What Faithful Finish Lines Means to Me



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