Words from Mom: Dream Big, Write it Down

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As we stick our toes across the line into 2015, I am excited to announce a new series in 2015: Words from Mom. As the year progresses, I pray there will be times that some words of wisdom will beckon to be shared in hopes that my family will profit from lessons I have learned and are learning. My greatest prayer has always been that my boys and their families love and serve God all of the days of their lives, and that they prosper and are in health even as their souls prosper.

Here you’ll read:

  • things I forgot to tell my kids
  • things I didn’t know to tell my kids
  • things they might not have heard when I told them

These are for you to read, as well, just in case your mom didn’t tell you, or you ignored her when she did. If you find anything of value, you might just want to pass it on to your children as well.

Some of these things might actually be things I learned from them that I want to remind them or myself about. You see, these children of mine are wise beyond their years and delightfully unique in all of their ways. Larry and I have learned as much or more from them as they have from us. God has placed incredible gifts in them, and He has great plans for their lives.

Here’s the first of “Words from Mom” I shared with them:

“Here I am on my way to church to celebrate New Years. Happy New Year to my dearest people in the world. I just spent a couple of hours at home, and I have prayed for you as you all plan your New Year’s goals, resolutions, intentions. hopes. and dreams. Here’s a word from Mom:

Don’t be afraid to set them. Don’t be afraid to write them down. It has been proven that those who write them down accomplish more than those who don’t. Those who choose not to make resolutions because they have heard, “Most resolutions are broken the first week of the year,” might miss out on what might have been accomplished. My plan is if I should  break them the first week, I will pick myself up and start again the next week.

In fact I’m giving myself the whole week of January 1, 2015, to crystallize and make plans and write down my hopes and dreams for the year, my plans and intentions.

So dream big, think big, believe big, and give yourself a lot of room to fall and pick yourself up again and learn from mistakes.

dream big

When we look back, we will be further along this time next year and will have made more progress than ever before. God is in all of this because He’s in all of you. and your hopes and dreams and plans will come from your relationship with Him.
Go for it! It’s going to be the best year ever!”

And you, my friends, take these “Words form Mom” and write down your own goals and dreams. It would be awesome if you could share one of your goals or plans or intentions in the comments so we can all get brave together and step out into this bright New Year with expectation. Praying for you!


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  1. I love reading your blogposts! Blessings to you all! Happy New

    • Hope all is wonderful for you and the family. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I hope you have your big dreams written down because you have so much inside of you! God can do what we can’t!

  2. Anonymous

    Love love reading all your blogs!!

  3. Anastazja

    I am going to be a Film Director with my Team making movies about the Faith.

    • Now you’ve written it down! Go for it! Can you identify the first step?

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