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I had hoped to begin this post with these words, “Strike up the band, roll out the red carpet. My dreams and plans are ready to be rolled out.” After all, last week, “Words from Mom” encouraged us to Dream Big and Write it Down. I gave myself the week to crystallize the things I wanted to accomplish, and I certainly gave thought and prayer toward that end. At this point, however, I am giving myself another week. After all big dreams and plans require a commitment, and we do have that “fear of failure” thing to deal with. In fact that might just be the big goal for the year: eradicate “fear of failure.” I will consider that during the next week. In the interest of grace that has been given for failing to meet my goal of setting my goals, I am giving myself another week, and perhaps another, to crystallize my goals, dreams, and plans.

I will accept a drum roll, however, as I am ready to roll out the big concept for the year:

Radiate the love of God in everything I do like never before.

That is the big idea for the year, the “One Phrase” that encompasses all, the measuring stick that can be used each night as I lay my head upon the pillow to determine if it has been a great day or not. Each letter of the word “radiate” gives me further guidance as to how to implement such a concept.

R is for rest, as in rest in the Lord.

A is for adore,

D for delight, both of which lead me to spend time in worship.

I is for initiate, and

A for activate which calls me to action, to actually do something through which Love can radiate. It could be anything from washing dishes, fixing supper, visiting friends, encouraging others, buying a stranger’s lunch or writing a blog post.

T is for trust and

E for exercise, as in exercise my faith, perhaps even while I exercise my body.

I love my guiding words, and I know God will speak to me through them.

How are you coming on clarifying your dreams? Do you have “One Word” or “One Phrase” for the year? I’m sure if you ask God to give it to you, He will. He wants to be intimately involved in everything we do this year. If you don’t have a “big idea” for the year, you can borrow mine until you get one of your own. Radiating God’s love has got to be a great adventure! I’m looking forward to it every day! Have a wonderful day!

You have a friend! Prayer Requests welcome here.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16


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  1. Linda Fode

    Good morning Sharon. I was so glad to see your first post of the New Year. Again, I love what you do with words & today with the word radiate. It definitely will be copied into my journal & mentioned in future blog posts.

    My One Word for 2015 is CONTENT & my praise is FIERCE INTENTIONALITY.

    i look forward to hearing more about your plans for the year. I’ll be praying as you continue to listen to the Master for His direction.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words of encouragement! Thank you for your prayers! Stay warm! Keep writing! You are an inspiration to many including me!

  2. Hey, Sharon! My word for the year is “honesty.” I want to live honestly before The Lord, letting his candle illuminate all of the little sins and bad intentions that might want to root themselves in my heart. I want to live honestly in front of those I do life with- not just put on a mask of spiritual health when I am actually troubled. I want to be honest with others who God has led me to do life with, confronting them if I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to do as much!

    • I love your word. Jay and I have talked about this. Honesty builds relationships. Love you and your family so much!

  3. Sharon, keep up good work, I am proud of you, you must take after Jessie Stewart, ( your grandmother’s uncle)
    He was a famous writer in his day, Mom

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