I Need Your Problems!

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It’s not that I don’t have any problems of my own, it’s just that the magnitude of the project I am planning requires a wide and varied collection of the challenges people are facing on a daily basis. I won’t need to keep them, I just need to borrow them for a while.

The month of April is upon us and of course many of you are aware that April is the month in which bloggers from all of the world join the A to Z Challenge. For this challenge, we blog every single day except Sunday using the letters of the alphabet in order as a prompt and sticking to a theme of our choice. I will be revealing this year’s theme on March 23rd, but for now I would like to collect as many problems of all size, shapes, and intensity, as I can.

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I don’t mean to make light of any problem. I know some are so grave, even life-threatening that we hardly want to talk about them. My commitment to you is that I will pray for these specific areas of need throughout the month of April as I blog. I will be praying for God to reveal His will and make all provision for needs to be met and answers to come.

I will be blogging about how the Word of God can be applied to all kinds of problems. While the problems will be published, all names associated with them will be kept confidential. Names will be withheld or changed to protect privacy. These “problems” can be the kind of things you would write “Dear Abby” about, or they can be requests you would bring to the leaders of your church. They can be light-hearted concerns, questions to be answered, monumental decisions to be made, or challenges to be overcome. They can be your own problems or problems of someone you know.

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Many people find that when you share your burdens, they become lighter. I need all of the problems you can send me. Feel free to private message me through Facebook, or if you can, leave them anonymously here. If you request a private email, I will be glad to provide that for you.

What will I do with your problems? First, I will handle them with prayer. Secondly, I will be seeking the Lord for encouragement for each of these problems. I may categorize them alphabetically too and list them for readers to pray over as well. This will be an encouragement to pray for others who have similar needs. There may be a day for health issues, and another for marital, another for financial. I am not sure how it will go. I do know that the Word of God will be applied to each problem, and those who get involved will be strengthened in their inner most being. I hope you will be a participant, a reader, a prayer an encourager, and maybe even a writer joining our A to Z Challenge 2015.


Thank you for sharing your problems! I am confident that benefit will come to you for sharing. Also feel free to share problems you know of that others have. You do not have to share their name or any identifying information.

I am looking forward to April. Read more about the Challenge here.

Have a wonderful day in spite of any and every problem you face. You are not alone!


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  1. Well, I actually gave them to God already. But in the past three weeks, my daughter fell out in a dead faint and busted her head open. I jumped through hoops to get information in to CHIP and a hospital charity to try to get her bill paid and get her on insurance. I was slammed with an overload of accounts on my desk, one sprinkled with items we’ve never carried before. I had a flat tire. My clicker for my car broke. Hubby was plain pissy to me for a solid week. My son got picked up for DWI. The pool turned green. There’s probably more. But, you know, I look around and still feel awesomely, incredibly blessed!.

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