A to Z Scripture Adventure: D is Psalm 37:4

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D2015“Mmmmmmmm!”  Your eyes are closed, the spoon is held midair; it has just left your mouth. What was it? It was something “delightful.” That is obvious from your expression. Perhaps key lime pie with all it’s tartness, warm brownie with melting ice-cream or flaky apple pie. You really are enjoying that aren’t you? That’s what it means to “delight.” It’s something you really enjoy. You can be savoring a taste, a moment, or being with a Person.

As we continue our A to Z Scripture Adventure, welcome the D verse. Remember you want to allow this verse to become a part of your daily life and repetition is the key. Think it as you wake up and throughout the day and as you fall asleep. From the connection that is made through familiarity, the truth of the verse will be revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. He will speak to you through it. You will be amazed as you experience the life that comes to you from one verse of the Word of God.D


I have always loved Psalm 37:4, and perhaps, at first, it was for the wrong reason. To me it sounded like God promised to eventually give me what I want if I just delight in Him. Of course the wisdom of it is that as I delight in Him, “what I want” lines up with His perfect will, and He then fulfills the desires of my heart which He, Himself placed there.

I have learned to focus on the first four words of the verse, “Delight in the Lord.” During the day, as you meditate this verse, take some of your repetitions and just say those four words. Imagine what that looks like. Imagine His Presence, think about His love, His power, His goodness. Savor Him. Delight in Him, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Please check the A to Z Prayer Wall, and lift up those in need. Have a wonderful day, enjoy His Word as it seeps into your heart.

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Blogging from A to Z


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4 Responses

  1. “Delight in the Lord” — Telling myself this phrase several times, I feel that He wants me to delight in the Lord. This is what He desires, and if we truly come to desire what He desires, then we will be closer to the Lord.

    I’ve been blessed by your post.
    Happy Easter! — Yes, we will delight in Him.

    • Thanks for visiting. Your words inspire me to draw closer to Him today through delighting.

  2. Delight – such a delightful word!
    Delighting in God does align us with His Will, since essentially we are sparks of the Divine !

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