A to Z Scripture Adventure: G is for 2 Timothy 1:7

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Today would be an excellent day to begin the A to Z Scripture Adventure. You do not have to go back and start with A. Jump in right where you are. It is as simple as meditating the verse of the day ten times ten times. That means every time you think about it, let the verse roll over in your mind ten times or say it out loud ten times. Try to do this ten times during the day. I promise you that if you will take the challenge and try to say or think this verse 100 times during the day, your life will be enhanced. The life of God will absolutely flow through you through the verse. It is, after all, His Word. Try it at least for a day, and then another day, reviewing verses as you go. These verses will become a part of you, and no one can take them from you. Here’s the powerful “G” verse:

God has not given us


Fifteen thoughts I had while meditating this verse:

  1. G15Fear is not of God.
  2. It is possible to live free of fear.
  3. God has given us power.
  4. He has given us love.
  5. He has given us a sound mind.
  6. Perfect love casts out fear.
  7. There is no fear in love.
  8. God’s will is for us to walk in power.
  9. God’s will is for us to walk in love.
  10. God’s will is for us to have a sound mind.
  11. Walking in power, I have faith to pray for whatever needs I encounter during my day. I can pray for marriages to be restored, children brought home safely, depression to leave those who are afflicted, and healing to come to those who are sick.
  12. Walking in power, I can change the atmosphere with the Presence of God.
  13. Love conquers all.
  14. I can walk in love even when someone strikes out at me. I do this best by staying calm, thinking the best of them and praying.
  15. A sound mind is a peaceful mind. Our thoughts are paramount in maintaining the sound mind God wants us to have. One way to control thoughts is to turn those distressing, persistent, harassing thoughts to prayer. Use the negative thought as a reminder to pray for the person involved or to pray for something specific.It can even be helpful to use the trigger to pray for something totally unrelated to the harassing thought. It is amazing how this brings peace.

Saying this verse ten times ten times will set you free from fear and open the door to living life as God intended: in power, love, and a sound mind. Please share the thoughts you have as you meditate this 2 Timothy 1:7 today.

Visit the prayer wall, please and have an extraordinary day of power, love, and a sound mind.

Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z


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3 Responses

  1. 100 times in a day! That is amazing. In that way, the verse would be part of me, and the Word of God has power to change me. It is worth trying.

    • Romi, I’m confident you will be amazed by what happens when you meditate this verse. Blessings to you! I love your beautiful site as well! Are you currently living in Japan?

  2. Linda Fode

    As usual I love what you are doing with the A to Z challenge. As I am doing one this year I have a new appreciation for your faithfulness. Grace & Peace to you today !

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