A to Z Scripture Adventure: H is Psalm 107:20

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TH15he “H” verse is so huge in its life-giving potential, I suggest you say it many times before you even stop to think about what it is saying to you. Then read it in the context of the 43 exhilarating verses of Psalm 107. When I read the whole Psalm today, I almost did a dance while I was at work. I read the whole thing twice and took it apart piece by piece to get a grasp of the truth it contained!

If we only had one chapter in the Bible to tell us of God’s marvelous love and to demonstrate it to us, this might be the one! Over and over again the people find themselves in distress through their transgressions and iniquities, yet every single time they cry out to Him, He delivers them. Read Psalm 107 for yourself and marvel at His goodness, then continue to devour His Word.

We don’t experience Truth because it is in the Bible, we experience Truth because it is in us!¬†Meditate Psalm 107:20 ten times ten times today, and if you have any specific afflictions, please list them in the comments to be added to the prayer wall. Many of us who read the Prayer Wall will ask God to heal you. Believe and receive the truth of Psalm 107:20 and you will be healed and delivered from destruction.

And with this truth alive in us, let us pray for those needs listed on the Prayer Wall today.

Have a sensational day today!

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  1. Well, I grabbed my Bible by my bedside to read Ps 107, and guess what. There was one little scridge of tissue tucked in that Bible. This is not my usual Bible. Don’t even remember why I put that Bible on my end table there (I have a dozen or so Bibles). At any rate, the ONE LITTLE SCRIDGE of tissue was already marking Ps 107. Ha! I guess it was meant to be read again today…though I don’t particularly remember reading it or marking it before!

    • That is awesome! I don’t remember reading it when I chose that verse years ago as the “H” verse. It is packed with love and blessing and redemption! Blessings to you!

  2. Gonna have to do a google search for it, as I’m on the road and don’t have my Bible. Healing…such an important thing, I like the way you looked at it. My Cousin, whom I saw often as a child and I were close way back when. Time, and lots of distance sorta change that, but sharing a love of genealogy brought us back together via the internet. We’ve seen each other only a handful of times in these recent years, she’s in Arizona and I’m in Ohio. Her Mother was ill for several years and my Dad (her brother) and I tended to her with frequent phone calls and emails to my cousin to bridge the distance for her. Two years later, she lost her husband, a truly nice guy. I know she’s hurting and could use some prayers to lift her up. Thank you

    • When you get a chance you can click on the blue Psalm 107 in the post and it takes you right to it, but, Sandy, don’t do it while driving! Have a wonderful trip!

    • And I will certainly add your cousin to our prayer wall.

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