A to Z Scripture Adventure: L is Matthew 5:16

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LLet your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16
L15Let the love of Jesus shine through you in everything you do and say. If you joined this A to Z Scripture Adventure from the beginning, you have been putting powerful verses in your heart for twelve days. With all of this Word in you, you are actually glowing as if you were radioactive. At least, that is the picture I get in my imagination after meditating Matthew 5:16. The Word that is in you shines through with power and truth. The more that you put God’s Word in you, the brighter your light will shine. You will easily pray for others and believe that God will touch them.
When you pray for someone, with the power of God in you, you will not be surprised that they are healed, delivered, and set free. As your prayers are answered, people will glorify God because of His touch through you. Let it be done today.Your light will shine brighter and brighter as you repeat this exciting verse over and over today.
Tip: Even if it seems boring or seems to produce nothing, keep repeating it. Even if you are not really thinking about it, keep repeating it. Even if you feel you’re not hearing what you’re saying, it is going into your heart. This life-giving Word will come back to speak to you and will produce God’s power, Truth, and life within you. This Light will shine brightly, and others will see it and glorify God.
Again, it is a very good day to visit the Prayer Wall to pray for others.
Enjoy your day, letting your light shine!
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  1. Let that light shine!!!!

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