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Sometimes you just have to laugh. . .

M15Three thoughts from Proverbs 17:22

Being happy makes things better.

Being happy is contagious.

We can choose to be happy.

And the question of the hour:

How can I have a merry heart when things are “awful?”

The answer:

Our thoughts determine how we feel. By choosing the thoughts we feed, we choose the feelings we have to a great degree. This is what Dare to Be Happy is all about. It is my heart-felt belief that God intends for us to take charge of our thoughts and thereby walk in faith. We are happy not because everything is great and everything is going our way, but because He is great, and He is showing us the way. It is not easy to maintain a merry heart, but by meditating this extraordinary truth in this  verse, God will reveal ways to find joy in our circumstances and truly live with a merry heart.

For extra help:

You might want to read: “There is Always Hope.” It’s a fun blog I wrote in February, 2013 about how our thinking affects how we feel.

The first book that helped me understand how our thoughts affect the way we feel was Richard Carlson’s You Can Be Happy No Matter What. He also wrote Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. I highly recommend these books; the prinicples are biblical and the truth is eternal.

Let God show you how to have a merry heart today. It’s like medicine!

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  1. I like this A-Z idea!

  2. Great thoughts! I also like the book The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry on how our attitude starts with our thoughts.

  3. Our thoughts are so much more powerful than we know! Love this encouragement and truth! Great post!

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