A to Z Scripture Adventure: Q is I Thessalonians 5:19


Quench not the spirit.

Q15Of all the verses we have had so far, this phenomenal little four-word verse may be the most important one of all!  Put another way, it says:

Allow the Spirit of God to flow.

We can quench, or we can allow. It’s our choice. We do this every day.

The Spirit of God is like a river flowing; don’t try to dam it up or stop the flow.

What stops the Spirit of God from flowing through us?

Negativity, doubt, fear, worry, selfishness, anger, strife, over-thinking, lack of focus or expectation.

What can enhance the Spirit of God flowing through us? Focus, expectation, praise, thankfulness, obedience, prayer, filling up with His Word, meditating His Word, listening for His Voice, pursuing peace, finding joy.

Quench not the spirit, let the river of life flow through you as you meditate this verse today. Saying this verse ten times, ten times will help keep you in the flow of His life-giving Spirit.

Please take a minute to pray for our friends today! Just check out the Prayer Wall.

I hope you’re planning on taking more time with your favorite verses when the A to Z Scripture Adventure ends on April 30 because the adventure of living by the spirit never, never ends!

Enjoy a life-filled day in the Spirit today!


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