A to Z Scripture Adventure: S is Psalm 96:1

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After meditating this verse this morning, I tried it. I tried singing a new song. It was not a pretty sound. I laughed. I tried again. I started singing out about how I had been feeling the last couple of days. I had lost some sleep and worked long hours with minimal results. Poor me. Then I sang out how the Lord made heaven and earth and all that was in it. I sang about how He made something out of nothing, and then I sang about how He could take my nothing and make something. It was a new song, and it changed me.

S15Sing a new song as you meditate Psalm 96:1 today.

As we finish these last eight days, can we make a renewed commitment to pray for those who have made special requests. You can find them on the Prayer Wall. Perhaps you can choose one to pray for over the next eight days. If you leave a comment here stating what you are praying for, it would be encouraging. Thank you for sharing this Adventure with me.










Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z
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3 Responses

  1. Giving thanks, praising, rejoicing, and singing.

    I’m glad that I’m enjoying this “Scripture Adventure” with you, Sharon.

  2. Hi Sharon. Dropping in from 500 Words.
    I LOVE your A to Z adventure. What a wonderful idea.

    As for this post, I could just see you laughing with the Lord and giving it a new start. I love how you went from our typical ‘poor me’ to ‘Great Him’.

    Thanks for sharing the journey.

  3. Love singing unto the Lord – my ol’ regulars are songs from Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar (I’m old) but always fun to hear new, contemporary songs in church!
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