A to Z Scripture Adventure: U is Psalm 75:1

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U15My relationship with God, my family, my home, my job, my friends, the way I was raised, home schooling my boys, being blessed with the world’s best husband, my children having a personal relationship with the Lord that is taking them throughout their lives, my precious daughter-in-law and granddaughter being added to our family, many adventures, and overcoming opportunities throughout my life. . .this is tonight’s list.

I also have my list of really big things for which I am thankful such as salvation, the Blood of Jesus, and the certainty of heaven. We could spend every day and probably should spend every day being thankful for those things. I have undying gratefulness that I can have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, and have the Holy Spirit to comfort, help and guide me.

As our “E” verse told us, we enter into His gates with thanksgiving. Our Psalm 75:1 gives us another opportunity to declare our gratefulness to God. What happens when we spend the day being thankful? There will be a smile on our faces and peace in our hearts. The atmosphere around us will be charged with joy, and those we come in contact with will be blessed. As we meditate our verse ten times, ten times, let’s take the challenge today to be thankful for big things as well as the little things we often take for granted.

Just for fun, at the end of today’s post, you will find an alphabetized list of things I am grateful for that I started in May 2013. I’m up for the challenge of rekindling a thankful attitude by being grateful for 3 things every day. For unto you, O Lord, do we give thanks. . .for the big and the little, the tangible, the intangible. You are God of the universe, you made everything within it. We bless your holy Name!

Blessings to you, my friends.

I am grateful for the answers to prayer we are receiving by praying for the requests on the Prayer Wall. We have only five days left in our Adventure. Make the most of it!


Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z











This list is not complete and there are priceless friends and family that may not have been mentioned. I made some just for fun notes as they came to me, and I chose random things that made me smile on a particular day in May or June of 2013. I’m always adding to the list. I suggest you make your own, but until you do, feel free to borrow some from my list to be thankful for.

  1. Airplanes
  2. Angels
  3. Barry Manilow
  4. Baseball
  5. Basketball
  6. Beach vacations: Ocean Park, Summertree, Sands Ocean Club
  7. Bears (live bears)
  8. Beds
  9. Being privileged to be a teacher and principal at AFCA 2001-2006. What an amazing opportunity we had. Words can’t express what those years meant to me. Each student, their parents, and each teacher is like a gem in a treasure chest of memories for me.
  10. Bible, the whole thing
  11. Birth of Jay
  12. Birth of Nick
  13. Birth of Rocky
  14. Blankets
  15. Blue
  16. Books that I can read and hold in my hand
  17. Brother-in-law, Mike came along at just the right time! So good-hearted.
  18. Carrie Adams, dear friend, “nanny” to the boys, most fun night was the dinner show with the teepee and Roy Rogers singing contest.
  19. Carrots
  20. Cars
  21. Cats, especially kittens because I am reminded of Pincushion, my grandmother’s cat who gave us Blackie who gave us Tish and other kittens when we lived in Falmouth, Kentucky. I was 6 to 8 years old at the time. Also in loving memory of Rocky’s first and only kitten. They are  just so cute!
  22. Celery
  23. Clouds
  24. Coats
  25. Dancing when I can get in the groove
  26. David Hagedorn, dearest of friends
  27. Destin, Florida
  28. Diamonds
  29. Direction
  30. Disney world
  31. Dogs, especially Ranger. There is no dog like Ranger, beautiful, smart, and well, he is family. My childhood dogs that I fondly remember were “Sarge” and “Queenie.” Good beagles who gave us darling little puppies to play with.
  32. Emmerson, cutest little one in the world
  33. Facebook
  34. Field trips
  35. First Women’s conference at All Nations with Hope
  36. Flags that remind us of our freedom
  37. Flamingos
  38. Flowering plants
  39. Food, especially apples
  40. For 17 years, I was home with Rocky, Nick, and Jay.
  41. Forgiveness-unlimited
  42. Frank Sinatra
  43. Fresh strawberries
  44. Friends at my work. There are so many great friends at work, I’ll just mention one. Phyllis has enriched my life with her energy, and joy!
  45. Games-I do not have to win EVERY time
  46. Gene and Angie
  47. Giraffes
  48. Goal setting
  49. Gorillas- can be 600 lbs
  50. Gospel Music
  51. Grass
  52. Heaven
  53. Heroes who gave their lives for our freedom
  54. History
  55. Home schooling
  56. Hope
  57. Hope, my dearest of dear friends. (She started our school, and gave me her job.) But more than that, she’s such a beautiful example of what a godly woman should be and what a true friend should be.
  58. Hugs-Can’t live without them! Can’t get or give too many!
  59. Hymns
  60. Ice-Who wants a drink without ice?
  61. Insects-over a million different kinds
  62. Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because He trusteth in thee.
  63. Jay, youngest son
  64. Jelly beans.
  65. Jokes, only clean ones
  66. Joy of blogging.
  67. Just remembered that incredible trip we took to Washington DC, my first year as a teacher at AFCA
  68. Kenny Rogers
  69. Kindness
  70. Larry
  71. Larry and I raised 3 cowboys.
  72. Laughter
  73. Legos-Oh the towers we built!
  74. Long time dear friends Jerry and Pam Watts  who are beautiful examples of a loving, happy, godly couple
  75. Macaroni and cheese because it is comfort food.
  76. Marshmallows-if eating them, this should be done in sweet potato casserole or rice krispy treats or roasted over the open fire. In the square squishy form, it is best to use them to have a marshmallow fight, as my opinion is they are disgusting to eat in that form.
  77. Maryjane, love her so much! She taught me so much!
  78. Minions
  79. Modern conveniences
  80. Morningstar on Friday nights
  81. Mountain streams
  82. Mountains
  83. Musical Instruments
  84. My job
  85. My managers and other leadership team-they are so supportive and basically awesome!
  86. My relationship to God
  87. Nick, middle son
  88. Nieces, Colleen, Cristen, Carrie; so proud of them
  89. Oceans
  90. Old movies
  91. Ostriches
  92. Parents
  93. Peace
  94. Peacocks
  95. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.
  96. Piano Music
  97. Pillows
  98. Pilot Mountain
  99. Pizza
  100. Playmobile cowboys
  101. Rabbits (especially very soft, furry bunnies, but also the wild, eat grass from your yard and hop away when you hear a noise, bunnies.)
  102. Rainfall
  103. Rocky, oldest son
  104. Roses
  105. Salvation
  106. Sister, Ann, best heart in the world; love her laugh; always looked up to her, still do
  107. Sleds
  108. Snow
  109. Snowflakes falling
  110. Socks
  111. Songs Larry has written
  112. Songs my sons have written
  113. Stars
  114. Students at AFCA
  115. Success
  116. Sunsets
  117. Sunshine
  118. Taylor, perfect wife for Nick
  119. Teddy Bears
  120. Thoughtfulness
  121. Turtles
  122. Unsweetened tea with lemon!
  123. Veterans and those in armed forces who preserve our freedom
  124. Waterfalls
  125. Wisdom
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