A to Z Scripture Adventure: W is Mark 11:24

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W W15Three Simple Steps Revealed in Mark 11:24

  1. Decide what you really want.
  2. Pray.
  3. Believe.

And you shall have them.

It doesn’t say believe that you are going to receive them. It doesn’t say hope you receive them, or that you should wish you would receive them. It says to believe you receive them.

How do you “believe you receive them,” and what does that really mean? It means you believe you have it when you pray. It  means doubt is gone, and you enjoy the emotions you would have as you actually experience what you prayed for. It’s that real to you. This is a truth that is contrary to what the mind can accept on its own. The reality of this truth will be revealed as we meditate upon the Word. Jesus is telling us to believe that we have the answer to our prayer now, not in the future.

How can we go from doubt to belief? I have meditated this question almost as much as I have meditated this verse, and I am still searching and praying for that answer. I like to imagine what we could accomplish if we did not doubt.

The following is a list of ways we can build our faith, get rid of doubt, and believe we receive now. Try some of them, and you will find yourself going from doubt to belief.

1.Say the right things. Talk about what you want.

2. Picture it.

3. Say, “It is possible for this to happen.”

4. See the end result. How will you feel when it happens the way you want?

5. Thank God for it in advance.

6. Let your imagination run away with you. Create the image of what you want and go with it.

7.Be positive in all things. Practicing seeing the best of everything, every person, and every situation puts you in position to believe that good can come to you.

8. Meditate the scriptures that tell you God wants to bless you and answer your prayers.

9. Ask God to help you believe.

10. Say, “I believe” ten times. Think about what you believe. Start small, and your belief will build.

11. Realize what an important part thinking has to do with believing. Try substituting the word “think” where this verse and other verses use the word “believe.” The revelation you get may surprise you. It may  surprise you even more when you begin to “think right,” and find that you now “believe right.”

12.Take a step in the right direction. What is one small thing you can do to move in the direction of what you want?

This is a very important facet of your Christian life. I believe that most Christians are living far below what God had intended for us. Have we been deceived by the enemy of our soul to keep us from doing all God wants us to do and having all He wants us to have? He wants us to have the desires of our heart, whether that be health, healing, prosperity, safety, soundness of mind, peace, positive relationships, salvation for our loved ones or any other thing that is in our heart.

As we meditate this verse,  let’s allow Him to take us from doubt to belief in one specific area of our lives. Choosing to get doubt out of the way leads to a life of true adventure.

What a perfect day to visit the Prayer Wall and ask God to answer on behalf of those represented there.

Blessings to you. Three more days together on this A to Z Scripture Adventure.

Enjoy a day of believing and receiving!



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