A to Z Scripture Adventure: Y is Matthew 5:14

YToday someone told me they didn’t believe in God. We were not having a discussion about God. We were simply discussing the pros and cons of killing animals for meat. She wasn’t fond of the idea, but acquiesced that for survival, she would do it. I commented that I felt God had created animals for the purpose of food provision. That’s when she told me something no one has ever told me before. She didn’t believe in God. I had a choice to make. Should I zero in on the casual comment or continue the conversation?

What do you say when someone tells you they don’t believe in God? Although this was not the case, often people will purposefully bring up controversial subjects to antagonize a Christian. All too often Christians can be an “easy mark.”  They are quick to take a stand and defend the faith. There may be a time and place for this if done in love, but letting our light shine doesn’t mean hitting someone over the head with what we believe. We aren’t doing God any favors when we make others feel uncomfortable or on the spot. Remember what Jesus did with Zacchaeus, the tax collector who cheated, and with the woman caught in adultery? He loved them. Matthew 5:14 is spoken with the purest of love.

Y15Can you picture Him looking into your eyes, as you would look into your child’s eyes? He tells you with utmost assurance, “You are the light of the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.” He is expressing His trust in us to be His representatives on the earth. He beseeches us to be the light of the world in His absence. We represent Him. We represent Love. If we can remember this, we will easily avoid debate that sets “us” against “them,” accomplishing nothing for the Kingdom of God. We will never have to convince others of the existence of God when the light of His Love is shining through us.

You know what to do: Say Matthew 5:14 ten times, ten times and let the life of it soak into your spirit. Ask God to show you how to let His love shine through you in every situation and with every person today. You are a city on a hill that can not be hidden.

Check the Prayer Wall, please, and hopefully we will see you for “Z” tomorrow with a nice wrap-up. Remember the Adventure never ends!


Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z