Nick’s 7 Day Challenge and Flying High

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Some things you just do for your kids! I needed an excuse, a reason, a push, a shove to write again and Nick accommodated me by asking me to challenge him to write every day over the next seven days.  We’re busy this time of year. I’m working nearly fifty hours a week and talking constantly throughout those hours. Nick, my middle and the one who most aspires to being a writer, has a family of his own and along with a multitude of responsibilities with his business has a vacation coming up before the challenge is over. Yet we are Jordans and we will not back down from a challenge. I’m taking it a step further and challenging myself to publish each night. I can assure you it will be past the midnight mark when the publish button is pushed as I am working until 11 pm the next three nights, yet the Challenge beckons.

“What will I write about?” I asked Nick. He gave me a typical “Nick answer” like “Well I was listening to a podcast about online dating and thinking about how weird it is and how hard the dating lifestyle is so from that perspective, I think you should write about the happiness you can find by trying to find the right person for you to spend your life with.” I mentioned that I would bring that under consideration. When he replied, “You asked.” I answered, “Some things in life you do regret.” That son of mine then took that last sentence and wrote his whole blog about it. Without giving me credit for the line, I might add.

I had the idea of taking the same line and going for it, but I have about 97 unfinished documents in my WordPress files that I thought might provide the fodder for this particular project. We writers write, I keep telling Nick, and here is my offering for tonight:

Are you wallowing in the mire or floating upwards above the trees? The enemy wants to bring you down to your circumstances and let you wallow in them. He wants to get you focusing on every little thing in your life that isn’t “right.” After he tells you everything that is wrong with you, he will mention what is wrong with the world and the people in it and get you thinking about that. He wants to get you so bogged down in that mire that you can’t see clearly or maneuver your way around. There he can manipulate you into accentuating the negativity of your predicament so he can perpetuate the amount of time you spend there.
God wants to fill you with His helium so that you will float above your circumstances and problems. Flying high, you will be out of the way so that He can solve your problems for you and provide the wisdom and answers that you need. His helium comes through trusting Him, believing Him, meditating His word, being grateful, letting joy come, and expecting the best. It can come through prayer, it can come through right thinking and speaking, it can come through laughter, singing, and dancing. You can be so full of his helium that you will have to hold on to keep from floating away.
That’s it for tonight!
Have a great day up there above those circumstances!



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  1. Awesome! Nick is a crazy person!

  2. Great! I feel lighter already!

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